How Maze helps regional managers

Succeed in improving customer service day to day have more satisfied customers

Maze solution

Are satisfied customers important to you?

In Maze, the most important KPI is the ambassador customer. Loyal customers spend more, return more frequently and recommend you to others. Maze helps you ensure that your customers have a positive customer experience no matter which one of your stores they choose to visit.

Has your improvement process been a success?

Do you feel that your strategies and concepts are unsuccessful in everyday operations? Do you wish all your employees could sing from the same hymn sheet so that the customer experience is equally positive no matter which store they visit? This is often a major challenge in our everyday operations.

Do you know what your customers really think?

Your customers may seem satisfied, but you may be unsure of their actual experience? Are patterns, which negatively impact your customers being repeated, without you being aware of them? Nobody can afford to guess the answers to these questions in the long run.

Why do your stores perform differently?

Are some of your stores doing better than others, without any obvious explanation? Do your sales perform differently without you being able to pinpoint exactly why? Levelling up and improving performance can greatly improve the customer experience.

Maze App

Unlock the potential of your staff

You can’t have your best sales staff in every store and interact with every customer at the same time. You can, however, offer all your staff a tool which takes advantage of the skills of your best sales staff. A tool which supports and develops all employees during every sales meeting.
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Everyday training for customer satisfaction

Make every customer interaction into a training opportunity. Satisfied customers form the basis of successful KPIs.

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Backup the skills in your best stores

Take advantage of the existing skill set of your best sales staff and your best stores.


A tool for measurable improvements

We know that all sales staff perform differently and that the customer experience varies between stores. What approach do the best sales staff have and how can we teach others to adopt it? How can you even out the level of variation between the performance of different stores and move stores to the next level?
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Ambassador customers

Learn every day in order to get more satisfied customers. Satisfied customers return, spend more and recommend you to others.

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Give Kudos

Our gamified app solution makes it easy to celebrate your successes. Show off your good results and praise your staff.

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Maze helps you choose the right focus areas in order to create an even customer experience in your store.

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Track the continuous development and progress of your stores in the app. Customer feedback shows you what needs to be corrected and where you are performing well on any one day. Make sure there is a change in behaviour and praise those who succeed by handing out “kudos”.

Now with maze, getting your direct customer feedback and with your everyday training, you’re able to tweak old habits, old behaviours and do something about it there and then, the results come immediately.
Steve Green, Store manager Anton Sport

Reduce variation between stores
and improve customer satisfaction

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