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Train staff across all stores – at the same time

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Tap into the skills in your best stores, right now

Maze’s app solution helps you to significantly improve the customer experience in your stores, as well as the interaction between staff and customers. You will learn how staff are perceived by store visitors and gain an understanding of the level of customer service you provide. You will also learn which parts of your offering are working – and which parts may need improving. Maze’s service is, of course, designed around and compliant with GDPR. Protecting customer and employee data is as important to us as it is to you.

Train staff across all stores – at the same time

Ensure that all staff members have the same opportunities for continuous improvement thanks to user-friendly, easy-to-understand results without the need for cumbersome analytics. Achieve even better profitability using the same resources.

Achieve better profitability with existing resources

Following up on results helps you get more from each employee, while also giving staff the opportunity to develop and grow in their roles.

Positive feedback leads to greater staff satisfaction

Everyone enjoys getting a pat on the back – and most of us also appreciate feedback that is accurate, clear and fair. Combining the two can boosts motivation and enhance performance.

Maze App

Get the best from all your employees

Every employee is unique. That’s why it’s critical that support and training is delivered at an individual level and takes into account each person’s unique situation. This approach opens the way for staff to learn indirectly from each other and take on-board new ways of achieving even higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Get to know your customer

Feedback on customer experience is delivered directly to the app in an engaging, easy-to-understand format.

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Track the development of staff using clear feedback from the app.


Achieve measurable improvements

Experienced managers know that different staff members perform at different levels and that customer experience can vary widely between stores. What skills and tactics do the best salespeople employ – and how can these be taught to other staff members? How can you level out the performance of individual stores and take every store to the next level?
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Ambassador customers

By getting a little better at customer service each day you’ll increase the proportion of customers who are fully satisfied with your store. Satisfied customers tend to spend more, return time and again, and recommend you to others.

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Training activities

What skills do you need in order to improve? What are some of the tricks used by other leading retailers? Deepen your knowledge and share tips and advice directly via the app. Each day’s training activity could be something as simple as saying ‘hello’ to a customer or asking whether they need help in the fitting room. These may be basic things staff do in store every day, but how are they actually being conducted?

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Focus on your needs

Maze helps you focus the areas where you need to develop in order to create a more consistent customer experience in your store.

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Track your progress

Use the app to track your ongoing development and progress. The customer feedback you receive will show where you are performing well and where there’s room for improvement on any given day. Help drive behavioural change and be sure to praise staff members who succeed by handing out kudos.

“Staff find it fun because they can usually just about remember their customers and I think that receiving feedback, being told that you have actually done a good job, is very valuable.”
Jon Lyngra, Operating Manager POWER Norge AS

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(video) Knowledge boost improves the customer experience at Marbodal

Swedish kitchen brand Marbodal, part of the Nobia group, has been selling locally made kitchens since 1924. They started using Maze in 2020 to boost knowledge about their customers and for daily training to improve the customer experience.

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

(video) “50% increase in sales since transitioning to our business model”

Anton Sport uses Maze to continue to excel in customer service, while at the same time pinpointing specific areas for improvement. – It is about being seen. It’s about being measured. That is what Maze gives us, says general manager and owner Morten Borgersen.

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

(video) Panduro is brimming with enthusiasm

Danish arts and crafts retail chain Panduro uses Maze to increase the knowledge about their customers, and to improve their customer experience. At the same time, the positive vibes are multiplying thanks to the feedback. 

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

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