How Maze helps store managers

Boost your staff morale and develop your role as store manager

Maze solution

Do you have a complete overview of your customer interactions?

As store manager, you cannot attend to every single customer, but Maze provides a simple solution for evaluating and following up on your employees interactions with customers. You can give positive feedback and motivate your staff and also see what measure can be put in place in order to improve the customer experience in store.

Boost your staff

Maze makes it easy to see your employees’ progress and offer encouragement, while it also becomes clear where things can be improved. As store manager, you receive direct confirmation of any developments, which means that you can focus on the right areas.

Gain customer loyalty

Loyal and returning customers are the most important asset. Success fosters motivation and with the right attitude in store, the opportunity to connect with and create long-term relationships with customers, grows.

Each interaction is a development opportunity

Each customer interaction is unique. Maze enables you to share your success stories, while you learn from other branches within your company, about how to further develop and create good customer relationships.

Maze App

Unlock the potential of your staff

Sales staff all perform differently, which is a challenge for every store manager. Maze offers a tool which helps you take advantage of the skills of your best sales staff. A tool which supports and develops all employees of the store during every sales meeting.
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Everyday training for customer satisfaction

Make every customer interaction into a training opportunity. Satisfied customers form the basis of successful KPIs.

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Backup the skills in the best stores

Take advantage of the existing skill set of your best sales staff and your best stores.


A tool for change management

Make change management into a fun and evolving journey with the many features of the Maze app. Determine the right area of focus in your particular store and see how you develop over time. Feedback from Maze increases store employees’ engagement and creates a positive spiral of enthusiasm and energy among the staff.
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Ambassador customers

Learn every day in order to get more satisfied customers. Satisfied customers return, spend more and recommend you to others.

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Training activities

What do you need to do in order to improve? How do the best retailers do it? Learn and share tips and advice directly in the app. An activity can be as “simple” as saying hello to a customer or asking whether they need help in the fitting room. Things you do in store every day.

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Maze helps you choose the right focus areas in order to create an even customer experience in your store.

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Track your continuous development and progress in the app. Customer feedback shows you what needs to be corrected and where you are performing well on any given day. Make sure there is a change in behaviour and praise those who succeed by handing out “kudos”!

When we ask our store managers, which tool affects your daily operations the most? It’s crystal clear, says the store manager – “The Maze approach and the app is the best thing that has happened to us!”
Anna Karin Holck, Former Vice President Customer Experience KappAhl

Reduce variation between stores
and improve customer satisfaction

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