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Boost staff morale and develop in your role as store manager

Maze solution

Do you have a complete overview of in-store customer interactions?

No store manager can possibly observe every customer interaction that takes place in their shop. But Maze helps you do the next best thing, providing an easy way to evaluate and follow up on staff interactions with customers. Using Maze data, you’ll be able to give positive feedback and motivate staff while also working out what measure need to be put in place to improve the customer experience in store.

Get more from your staff

Maze makes it easy to see how staff are progressing in terms of customer service and to offer encouragement. It also makes it crystal clear where things can be improved. As store manager, you will receive direct notifications about customer service developments, helping you to focus on precisely the right areas.

Develop customer loyalty

Loyal and returning customers are your most important asset. As staff achieve success in improving customer service their overall attitude will change. This creates new opportunities to connect with and create long-term relationships with customers.

Every interaction is a development opportunity

Each and every customer interaction is unique. Maze enables you to share your own success stories and learn from other stores within the chain. It all comes down to creating and further developing positive customer relationships.

Maze App

Unlock the potential of your staff

Sales staff tend to perform at different levels – something that creates an administrative challenge for every store manager. Maze provides you with a tool that will help you to make the most of the skills of your best sales staff. You will be supported in developing all store employees store during every sales meeting.
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Day-to-day training for customer satisfaction

Turn every customer interaction into a training opportunity. Satisfied customers form the basis of meeting your KPIs.

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Share tips and tricks from your best stores

Give every store in your chain the chance to excel by sharing the skills and knowledge of your best salespeople with every employee.


A tool for change management

Make change management a fun and engaging process by using the features of the Maze app. Maze enables you to set focus areas for your store and track how much you improve over time. Feedback from Maze increases engagement and creates a positive feedback loop that energises staff.
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Ambassador customers

By getting a little better at customer service each day you’ll increase the proportion of customers who are fully satisfied with your store. Satisfied customers tend to spend more, return time and again, and to recommend you to others.

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Focus on your needs

Maze helps you focus the areas where you need to develop in order to create an even better customer experience in your store.

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Training activities

What skills do you need in order to improve? What are some of the tricks used by other leading retailers? Deepen your knowledge and share tips and advice directly via the app. Each day’s training activity could be something as simple as saying ‘hello’ to a customer or asking whether they need help in the fitting room. In other words, things you might already do in the store every day.

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Track your progress

Use the app to track your ongoing development and progress. The customer feedback you receive will show where you are performing well and where there’s room for improvement on any given day. Help drive behavioural change and be sure to praise staff members who succeed by handing out kudos.

“When we ask our store managers which tool affects their daily operations most, the answer is crystal clear. Maze and the Maze app is the best thing that has happened to us.”
Anna Karin Holck, Former Vice President Customer Experience KappAhl

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