From interaction to insight and changed behaviour

Succeed in creating the perfect in-store customer experience and get more satisfied customers
The problem Maze solves

How do you get more loyal customers?

You might know the reasons your stores perform differently, but you lack the tools to succeed in creating consistent change.

Do you know what your customers really think?

Instant feedback directly to store team members via the Maze app coupled with concrete advice on what matters most to your customers. This enables the store team to take control and act upon future customer interactions.

Do you know what to do with the feedback?

Customer feedback is a temperature measurement of each individual store and how they are performing. If the customer experience drops at the frontline store; sales, revenue and customer loyalty will also drop. To combat this the Maze App will provide a continuous loop of information to keep the store team up on their toes to achieve perfect customer experiences every time.

Consistent changes doesn’t come from C-level management

The Maze app provides lasting behavioural change which many retail companies struggle to achieve. This is obtained through the continuous improvement loop in between the customer’s visit to the local store and by empowering the front line store staff with the insights there and then.

The Maze solution

Maze’s continuous improvement loop

Onboarding is completed without complicated consultants and your users decide their focus areas inside the app. Your customers’ feedback and Maze’s AI are the driving forces where the improvement work becomes automagic.

Feedback from
real customers
Insight for
training activity
Create a new
focus area
Improve with
daily training
Establish new
habits with
positive feedback
Give kudos and
build team spirit
The results of daily training with the Maze app

Increase your sales

Increased footfall to your store

Prior positive in-store experience is now the biggest factor on footfall to your store in all retail segments.

Increased purchase per visit

Increase the number of customers that are offered purchase advice with up to 50% with the same staffing.

Increased basket value

What would the effect be if each customer purchased 2 more items each visit to your store? That’s something Maze’s customers have accomplished.


Feedback from real customers

Opinions from real customers

Get daily feedback from your real customers directly to the Maze app. Find out how the customers’ experience was in your particular store. How exactly is the in-store customer experience in your store? What is the key factor in gaining loyal customers and how do you acquire as many ambassadors as possible?

Ambassador level

Train every day in order to get more satisfied customers. Satisfied customers come back more often, purchase more and recommend you to others.

From insight to training activity

Maze is a tool for constant improvement for each store associate and it suggests what to focus on in order to optimise the individual store.


Everyday training with AI
results in measurable effects

Your focus areas

Stores can train independently and hypermarkets can have different focus from department to department.

Get recommendations based on data & AI

Maze listens to and understands the customer and will automatically suggest improvement areas for each individual store to focus on.

Everyday training with direct feedback

The customer experience feedback is delivered hourly and daily to existing WFM systems to optimise staffing for the individual store based on the customer experience.


Benchmarking and

Comparison with other stores

By comparing with other stores you can identify improvement potential and piggyback on your best stores.

Learn from the best stores

Leverage the knowledge your organisation already has by learning from your best store associates and stores.

Set goals and follow-up

With clear goals come clear results. Get daily reports, inspire other team members and give each other digital “kudos”.


Easy integration to your loyalty program system

No big IT project

It’s easy to get started with Maze. There are no large, expensive and time-consuming IT projects required. API Support: Maze is fully API based and could be managed through SOK IT dept. For more information please contact us for more documentation.

Onboarding without prior knowledge

Maze is an easy onboarding solution that does not need a high focus from the IT department. A full onboarding process demands around 15-30 hours from SOK side.

We didn’t spend any longer than 18 hours when implementing Maze for Power, which is proof that it’s easy to get up and running with the system.
Jon Lyngra, Operating Manager, Power

Create perfect in-store customer experience.
Every time.

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