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The right insight
helps you take the right steps

Our meticulous analysis of customer feedback means that we are able to give you insights as to how customer interaction drives customer loyalty in order to expand your base of ambassador customers. Ongoing feedback from real customers, fed directly into the app, lets you monitor your day-to-day progress. Focusing on the customer experience will result in positive financial development.
Maze makes you better

From customer interaction, to actionable insight and changed behaviours

Getting started with Maze is easy, no complicated integrations or time-consuming IT projects required.
Customer interaction
A customer visits your store. Following the customer’s visit, a questionnaire is sent out to the customer via email or text, based on the customer interaction in the specific store.
The customer’s response is fed directly into the app, showing the result of the recent interaction with the customer in your store. What was the customers experience during the visit to your store? What do your real customers think?
Training with clear results
Choose a focus area, set training activities and start your everyday training. Track the results and your development on a daily basis. Don’t forget to celebrate your new approaches and give each other “kudos”!
Maze app

Selected features

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Ambassador level

What percentage of your customers are satisfied? Do they feel appreciated and do they think that you perform well compared to your competitors? Follow the development of your ambassador level directly in the app.

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Training activities

What do you need to do in order to improve? How do the best retailers do it? Learn and share tips and advice directly in the app. An activity can be as “simple” as saying hello to a customer or asking whether they need help in the fitting room. These are the obvious things you do in store every day, but how does the actual process look?

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Choose focus

Focus on what you can influence in your everyday life. How exactly does your store need to interact with the customer? Our analysis and insights help you choose the right approach.

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Follow-up measures

Track your ongoing progress and results in the app. See what customers write in their comments and receive help to improve your customer interactions and customer experience.

Your staff will find this fun, because they can almost remember their customers, and we know that receiving feedback, being told that you have actually done a good job, is very valuable.
Jon Lyngra, Operating Manager, Power

Reduce variation between stores
and improve customer satisfaction

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