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Take advantage of existing infrastructure and unlock the potential of your staff

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Easy deployment and quick implementation

Maze ensures that your staff gets up to speed quickly, with no need to set aside long periods of time for training or implementation of the technical solution behind the tool. You will also discover how intuitive Maze is, and therefore easy it is to learn.

Has your improvement process been a success?

Are your systems utilised to their full potential, or can you get more out of them while ensuring that staff can work more efficiently?

Give the entire management team the tools they need

Does management enjoy full transparency across all parts of the business? The right tools give you a full overview and help you take the right steps towards improving any weaknesses in the business.

Complicated integration projects?

Sick of time-consuming implementation with lengthy learning curves? A simpler solution gives you time to focus on what’s important!

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Existing solutions for transferring customer data

It’s easy to get started with Maze. No large, expensive and time-consuming IT projects required. Thanks to collaboration with our partners, we have a complete standardised file transfer tool for customer data. Our customer-focussed project manager manages the project jointly with a project manager appointed by you.

Maze’s app solution helps you ensure that the continuous feedback from your customers leads to a change of approach in every store. No need to keep guessing what your customers think, because you know exactly what they think. You can track results by region or by store in order to see what they are doing well and where they need to improve. You will receive ongoing comments from the customers, which can help to improve your customer interactions and the customer experience in your store. Less variation in approach between stores leads to a stronger brand and a clearer concept, while it gives the customer confidence in knowing what they are getting no matter which store they visit.

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Data Transfer Solutions

Maze offers prepackaged standard solutions for the most common systems in order to transfer customer data in the best possible way. We also create custom integrations where needed.

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GDPR Compliant

Maze is ISO27001/IEC certified and complies with all applicable GDPR provisions for the protection of customer and employee data.

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Premium Support & Operations

We offer fast and friendly support. We take full responsibility for the service and guarantee a 99.99% uptime.


Reports & Insights

Our analysts can give you access to insights and analysis based on your data. You can also easily create reports to use as part of your day to day work.

We didn’t spend any longer than 18 hours when implementing Maze for Power, which is proof that it’s easy to get up and running with the system.
Jon Lyngra, Operating Manager Power

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Kvik aim to provide the best customer experience

Selling kitchen is not a sports competition with a second or third place. There is only one winner and the customer experience is the key.

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

Direct and honest customer feedback with Byggmakker

In this video you get to meet one of our Norwegian clients , Byggmakker CF. Byggmakker CF is a supplier of quality products within the product areas wood, building materials, hardware, kitchen and interior.

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director
Fast onboarding at Plantasjen

Fast onboarding at Plantasjen

In this video you get to follow along when we meet up with Jørgen Haukås, Operations Manager at Plantasjen Norge. Jørgen talks about the smooth and fast onboarding and shares his views on the coming work together with Maze.

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

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