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Improved customer interactions result in better profitability

Maze solution

How much money do you lose, due to failing to offer the best possible customer experience across all stores?

Do you know exactly what your customers think about their experience in store, or are you guessing? Which actions have an impact on and drive customer loyalty? Our analysts can give you access to insights and analysis based on your data. The right insights means that you can take the right actions, which in turn will result in customers returning more frequently and spending more.

Can you guarantee the implementation of strategies and concepts?

A prerequisite for making a strategy or concept a success is that it must be possible to implement and guarantee its implementation as part of daily operations. Knowing that the customer experience is equally positive no matter which store they visit. Through feedback and statistics, the work can be monitored, developed and improved.

No tools to measure performance?

No one can afford dissatisfied customers or poor customer service. You’ll want to ensure a high level of service throughout the store, so that the customers always get the assistance they need and do not leave the store unhappy.

Satisfied customers drive increased profitability

The customer experience is largely dependent on the performance of the sales staff, which can lead to an inconsistent customer experience. How can you level variations between different stores and how can you learn from the best to improve the quality overall?

Maze app

Data-driven everyday training with customer satisfaction in focus

Take advantage of existing resources and increase profitability. It may sound like a dream, but our tool offers you the opportunity to apply the best skills from your best stores in the whole business. Increase customer satisfaction, create additional sales and gain new ambassadors who produce measurable results.
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Take advantage of existing resources

Take advantage of the staff you already have and maximise their potential.

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Increase profitability

More satisfied customers, more satisfied employees and better profitability.


A tool for measurable improvements

It’s easy to get started with Maze. No large, expensive and time-consuming IT projects required. Thanks to collaboration with our partners, we have a complete standardised file transfer tool for customer data. Our project manager manages the project jointly with a project manager appointed by you.

Maze’s app helps you ensure that the continuous feedback from your customers leads to a change of approach in every store. No need to keep guessing what your customers think, because you know exactly what they think. You can track results by region or by store in order to see what they are doing well and where they need to improve. You will receive ongoing comments from the customers, which can help to improve your customer interactions and the customer experience in your store. Less variation in approach between stores leads to a stronger brand and a clearer concept, while it gives the customer confidence in knowing what they are getting no matter which store they visit.

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Ambassador customers

Learn everyday in order to get more satisfied customers. Satisfied customers return, spend more and recommend you to others.

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Follow developments

Track company development directly in the app, by country, by region, by store. Are you improving? Who is best and why? All the information is visible in the solution.

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Login & use

Make sure the app gets used, and your employees and store managers log in and read customer feedback. A simple tool for complete follow-up at all levels of the organisation.


Reports & Insights

Our analysts can give you access to insights and analysis based on your data. What drives customer loyalty? How is your brand perceived? This is one of the things you’ll have access to when we analyse your answers. You can also find ongoing information within the solution. Create reports for meetings and make them available to others. Search the comments for sentiments to quickly find out what customers are saying about a particular topic or to learn what customers are frustrated about.

We must have structure in our meeting with customers. We can not afford to let the customer come in, be dissatisfied and then leave. That’s not how we survive
Anna Karin Holck, frm. Vice President Customer Experience KappAhl

Reduce variation between stores
and improve customer satisfaction

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