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Better profitability through improved customer interactions

Maze solution

How much money are you losing by not providing the best customer experience across all your stores?

Do you have a clear idea of what customers think about their experiences in your stores? Or are you just guessing? What sorts of factors impact on and drive customer loyalty? Our analysts will provide you with insights and analysis based on your data. With the right insights in hand, you can take appropriate action and boost customer loyalty and spending patterns.

Can you guarantee the implementation of strategies and concepts?

A key prerequisite for achieving success with a new strategy or concept is ensuring that it can be implemented both initially and on a day-to-day basis. You want to be sure that customers experience the same high level of service, no matter which store they visit. Relevant feedback and statistics allow you to monitor, develop and improve your strategies.

No tools to measure performance?

No business can afford to leave dissatisfied customers and poor customer service unaddressed. You need to maintain a high level of service throughout your operation, ensuring that customers always receive the assistance they need and walk away happy.

Satisfied customers drive profitability

The customer experience in your chain is largely dependent on the performance of sales staff – something that can lead to inconsistent outcomes. How can you achieve a homogenous result across all stores, capturing the learnings of your best performers and sharing them with all staff?

Maze app

Data-driven, day-to-day training with a focus on customer satisfaction

Take advantage of your existing resources and boost profitability. Maze enables you to harness the very best skills from within your business and share them with every store. Increase customer satisfaction, create additional sales and gain new ambassadors who produce measurable results.
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Take advantage of existing resources

Make the most of the staff you already have in place by helping them achieve their full potential.

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Increase profitability

Customers who are satisfied plus more fulfilled employees equals increased profitability.


The tool for measurable improvements

Getting started with Maze is easy. There are no large, expensive and time-consuming IT projects required. Close collaboration with our partners allows us to provide a standardised file transfer tool for managing customer data. Our customer-focused project manager oversees the project in collaboration with a project manager appointed by you.

Maze helps you to use continuous feedback from your customers to create new behaviours and a stronger culture in every store. There’s no need to keep guessing what your customers might be thinking – you’ll know exactly what’s on their minds. Maze enables you to track results by region or by store in order to see which staff members are doing well and where they need to improve. You’ll receive a steady stream of comments from the customers that will help you to improve customer interactions and the customer experience in your store. A more unified experience within your various stores will help to develop a stronger brand and a clearer concept, customers will feel more confident knowing they will get the same high level of service, no matter which of your shops they visit.

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Ambassador customers

By getting a little better at customer service each day you’ll increase the proportion of customers who are fully satisfied with your store. Satisfied customers tend to spend more, to return time and again, and to recommend you to others.

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Track your progress

Track your company’s progress via the app and sort by country, region and store. Are you getting better at customer service? Who’s doing best and why? All the answers are at your fingertips.

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Login & use

Ensure that the app gets used and that staff and store managers are logging in and reading customer feedback. Maze provides a simple tool for comprehensive follow-up across all levels of the organisation.


Reports & insights

Maze’s analysts can provide you with startling insights and analysis based on your data. You’ll discover what drives customer loyalty and which actions have positive and negative impacts on customer perception. You will also be able to access and use fully up-to-date information within the solution. Create reports for meetings and make them available to others. Search the comments for sentiments that allow you to quickly tap into what customers are saying about a particular topic – and to discover what’s frustrating them.

“We need structure in our interactions with customers. We can’t afford to have customers come in, be dissatisfied and then leave. That’s not how we survive.”
Anna Karin Holck, former Vice President Customer Experience KappAhl

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(video) Knowledge boost improves the customer experience at Marbodal

Swedish kitchen brand Marbodal, part of the Nobia group, has been selling locally made kitchens since 1924. They started using Maze in 2020 to boost knowledge about their customers and for daily training to improve the customer experience.

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

(video) “50% increase in sales since transitioning to our business model”

Anton Sport uses Maze to continue to excel in customer service, while at the same time pinpointing specific areas for improvement. – It is about being seen. It’s about being measured. That is what Maze gives us, says general manager and owner Morten Borgersen.

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

(video) Panduro is brimming with enthusiasm

Danish arts and crafts retail chain Panduro uses Maze to increase the knowledge about their customers, and to improve their customer experience. At the same time, the positive vibes are multiplying thanks to the feedback. 

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

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