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Irregular performance between stores?

You are aware that your stores’ performance varies when it comes to face-to-face contact with the customer, but you do not have the tools to implement the changes required to improve.

Having completed more than 200 projects since our inception, we are convinced that feedback from real customers, through a gamified training app, enables employees to implement significant and continuous improvement to everyday operations.

Has your improvement process been a success?

Do you feel that your strategies and concepts are unsuccessful in everyday operations? Do you wish all your employees could sing from the same hymn sheet so that the customer experience is equally positive no matter which store they visit? This is often a major challenge in everyday operations.

Do you know what your customers really think?

Your customers may seem satisfied, but you may be unsure of their actual experience. Are patterns, which negatively impact your customers being repeated, without you being aware of them? Nobody can afford to guess the answers to these questions.

Are you taking the right steps?

Our analysts can give you access to insights and analysis based on your data. What drives customer loyalty? Which actions have an impact on customer loyalty? A loyal customer returns more often and spends more. The right insights enable you to take the correct steps.

Maze app

A digital tool for
everyday training of the store team

Maze makes you better

See every customer interaction as practice

Ongoing feedback from real customers fed directly into the app, gives you an understanding as to how your customers experience their interaction with you, while you monitor your day-to-day progress.
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Everyday training

A great opportunity to practice every day, in real life. Make every customer interaction into an opportunity to practice. Improve in-store interactions by learning from the best. Track your results each day with continuous feedback from your customers and see your progress directly in the app.


Direct feedback

Receive daily feedback from real customers directly into the app. Monitor the customer experience in your store. How is your customer interaction? What drives customer loyalty and how do you gain as many “ambassadors” as possible?

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Your focus areas

Focus on results and take control where you can. The app shows the most important areas to focus on. Choose the areas in which your store needs to improve its customer interaction, in order to have more satisfied customers.

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Compare yourself to other stores

Challenges and competitions drive us all. Our gamified app lets you compare yourself to other selected stores. How do they succeed, how do they learn, what do they do well and how do you compare to them? What will you make your goal? Don’t forget to celebrate your successes!

When we ask our store managers, which tool affects your daily operations the most? It’s crystal clear, says the store manager – The Maze approach and the app is the best thing that has happened to us!
Anna Karin Holck, frm. Vice President Customer Experience KappAhl

It’s easy to get started

It’s easy to get started with the solution from Maze. No complicated and time-consuming integrations are needed. Just shoppers, a file transfer of customer data and we can get started. Maze’s lengthy experience in retail and other industries, with more than 200 completed projects, has proven Maze works and that everyday training gets results.

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A complete solution without any time-consuming integrations

Maze collaborates with several major players on the market, such as Voyado, Oculus and Sitoo. We have pre-packaged standard solutions available, for transmitting customer data in the best possible way, so that we can ensure that projects launch quickly, at minimum cost and without time-consuming IT projects.

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Helping Specsavers follow through on their customer service promise

Not satisfied with existing customer insight approaches, Specsavers embarked upon a Maze project covering over 2000 stores worldwide.

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From hypothesis to facts

In retail, satisfied customers are key. Maze ensures that Anton Sport receives immediate feedback from customers, enabling the company to rapidly adjust its behaviours and habits.

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View more case studies from other customers

We see a clear link between satisfied customers and good key figures. Customer percentage, garments per customer and average purchases have all increased since we started using Maze.
Elise Myhre Hoe, Store manager KappAhl
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