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An app to help you improve customer interactions

Maze Solution

Do you have control over your customer service?

As a customer-facing member of staff, you are a representative of the company and often the first person the customer comes across. As your confidence in your role develops over time, Maze will help you to immediately identify areas where you are already doing well, as well as areas with room for improvement, with the help of simple and inspirational training tools.

Satisfied customers return

An important task for staff working in stores is to make the customer feel welcome. Perhaps the customer is visiting the store for the first time, and is particularly sensitive to how they are being treated. Maze provides the tools to help you improve your customer interactions.

Direct feedback inspires

Perhaps you are unsure of the customer’s personal experience? Maze gets you answers to detailed questions about how the customer was treated for example, at the checkout, in the fitting room, or what they thought of your product knowledge. Each customer presents a unique opportunity to learn and “compete” with yourself, while sharing experiences with your colleagues.

Your attitude makes a difference

Your way of meeting the customer’s needs is often what determines whether they make a purchase or not. Customer trust is borne out of a combination of knowledge, service and responsiveness. Perhaps patterns, which negatively impact your customers are being repeated, without you being aware of them? Feedback from Maze is based on interaction and customer feedback, fed straight into the app.

Maze makes you better

A tool to make you better

The many features of the Maze app, makes you part of an evolving journey, both as a company and personally. Simply put, it makes it even more fun to go to work!
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Choose training activities

The app lets you choose the activities you wish to practice and get better at. An activity can be as simple as saying hello to a customer or asking whether they need help in the fitting room. Things you do in store on a daily basis, which sometimes feel obvious.

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Gather and share knowledge

The app offers the opportunity to share knowledge, while simultaneously learning from other talented colleagues. Maze helps you take advantage of the overall experience and knowledge within the team. Together you are able to track your positive development over time.

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Track Your Development

You get a clear overview of your personal development, and can see how your curve progresses upwards as a direct result of small changes to customer service.

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Receive attention and praise

Positive feedback is a key part of Maze. You will receive praise from other employees, and not least through continuous feedback from your store’s customers. Maze confirms your success!

“It becomes a habit. Maze is the first app I open in the morning to see what feedback we have received and how our customers perceive us.”
Tayyab Tariq, Store Manager, Power

Reduce variation between stores
and improve customer satisfaction

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