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How does your customer service stack up?

As a customer-facing member of staff, you are a representative of the company you work for – and very often the first person a customer encounters. Maze helps you develop in your role over time. Our simple, motivational training technique helps you grow in confidence every day, providing you with immediate feedback on areas where you are already doing well – as well as those areas with room for improvement.

Satisfied customers tend to come back

Making customers feel welcome is one of the most important tasks that staff working in stores perform. A customer visiting the store for the first time may be particularly sensitive to how they are being treated. Maze provides the tools to help you improve your customer interactions.

Be inspired by direct feedback

Do you ever wonder how a particular customer experienced your service? Maze provides you with the answers. Using a detailed a questionnaire, we find out how customers felt about different aspects of their visit, such as the checkout, the fitting room, and your product knowledge. Each customer presents a unique opportunity to learn more and to challenge yourself to get better, all while sharing experiences with your colleagues.

Your attitude makes all the difference

The way in which you address a customer’s needs is often the key factor in determining whether or not they make a purchase. Customer trust is created through a combination of factors including your knowledge, service and responsiveness. It’s possible that you are repeating behaviour patterns that negatively impact on customers without even being aware of them. Maze delivers insights based on customer interactions and feedback, which are fed straight into the app.

A better you – with maze

Learn and thrive on the job

The Maze app’s features take you on a learning journey – both from a personal and professional perspective. The app makes it even more fun to go to work.
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Choose training activities

Use the app to choose those activities that you want to practise, and improve your skills. Your chosen activity might something as simple as saying ‘hello’ to a customer or asking whether they need help in the fitting room. They’re often things you do in-store on a daily basis.

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Track your progress

With Maze, you gain a clear picture of your overall personal development. You’ll see how small changes to the way you deliver customer service can rapidly improve your results.

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Gather and share knowledge

The Maze app provides you with the opportunity to share your knowledge, while simultaneously learning from other talented colleagues. Maze helps you take advantage of the collective experience and knowledge held within the team. Together, you are then able to track your upward progress over time.

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Receive acknowledgement and praise

Everyone loves positive feedback – and it’s a key part of the Maze approach. You will receive praise from other employees, in addition to the continuous feedback you receive from your store’s customers. Maze lets you know that your hard work is paying off.

“It becomes a habit. Maze is the first app I open in the morning to see what feedback we have received and how our customers perceive us.”
Tayyab Tariq, Store Manager, Power

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Kvik aim to provide the best customer experience

Selling kitchen is not a sports competition with a second or third place. There is only one winner and the customer experience is the key.

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

Direct and honest customer feedback with Byggmakker

In this video you get to meet one of our Norwegian clients , Byggmakker CF. Byggmakker CF is a supplier of quality products within the product areas wood, building materials, hardware, kitchen and interior.

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director
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Fast onboarding at Plantasjen

In this video you get to follow along when we meet up with Jørgen Haukås, Operations Manager at Plantasjen Norge. Jørgen talks about the smooth and fast onboarding and shares his views on the coming work together with Maze.

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

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