How does Maze impact your retail chain?

Increased conversions, basket size, staff wellbeing and loyal customers – It all starts with behaviour change. 

The results when using Maze


Higher conversion rates

With high-performing store teams and great experiences, your customers will want to come back again and again, and spend more money each time. 

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Positive behaviour change 

Create positive change by providing unique insights and recommendations for each store team. You increase their focus, motivation and allow them to unlock their underlying superpowers.

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Increased staff wellbeing

Maze allows your frontline staff to feel seen and heard through kudos and realtime feedback. It also makes the workday more fun, which increases staff retention.

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Less difference between stores 

Look closer at your best performing stores and learn their keys to success. Then spread that knowledge across your chain, making every store perform at the same, high level.

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Improved reputation 

Satisfied customers tend to talk to their friends. A positive word of mouth will drive new traffic to your store, and also build a reputation you can be proud of. 

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Cycle of improvement

Through daily feedback and reminders, you make sure your employees keep sharpening their skills – all while feeling good and having fun doing it.

100 retail chains with 12.000 stores in 20 countries are using Maze with one goal in mind: 

To increase their revenue through improved conversion rates and more repeat customers.

Using Maze is like having 3 extra employees
in every store team!

The Analyst

The Analyst looks at all the data and feedback you receive from customers and decipher patterns and new ways to succeed. He realizes the power in statistics and understands that physical stores can use data just as much as online stores can. 

The Coach

The Coach looks at your current situation and discusses possible next steps. He doesn’t tell you what to do, but instead he gives you the knowledge and motivation you need to make the best decision possible, and keep improving.

The Motivator

The Motivator creates a positive environment through kudos and positive reinforcements to make sure the team morale and wellbeing stays high. He reminds your staff every day to learn from mistakes, and always keep trying and improving.  

What is Maze, exactly?

A tool for behaviour change

Maze is a daily training app where your frontline staff get feedback, set goals and encourage each other to improve. Use it to easily collect feedback from customers and turn it into actionable insights. Make Maze a part of your culture and increase engagement, improve sales skills and create top-tier customer experiences.

Collect feedback and insights 

Collect feedback from customers daily and use is to create behaviour change among your frontline staff. We’ve curated the best questions to ask your customers, and Maze helps you turn the responses into insights. 

Use data to improve

Each store gets a clear overview of the local customers’ feedback which is turned into actionable insights. Learn exactly what your team is good at, and where they need to improve. 

Set goals and increase focus

Let each store team set their own goals and follow-up to make sure they’re heading in the right direction. They can then compare results between stores to learn from each other. Increased focus for each store is what will create positive change and results. 

Engage your staff 

Gamify the worklife of your frontline staff, making them more engaged in their work. Sending kudos, tracking improvements and receiving daily feedback makes the app experience fun and engaging for everyone. 

Create behaviour change

The Maze app provides lasting behavioural change which many retail companies struggle to achieve. All while allowing the staff to have fun and feel good in the process. Maze makes a real difference for everyone.

How can different roles use Maze?

  • C-level Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Store Staff

How the C-level Manager uses Maze

Maze lets every store take responsibility of their development and customer interactions, even if you're not there. By using Maze, you and your managers gets local insights and analysis for every store, making decision making and personal development simpler. This also makes your frontline staff feel and perform better across your entire chain - making them want to stay at the company for longer.

The C-level Manager can:
  • Make sure customers get the same, positive experiences in every store. 
  • Monitor, develop and improve your strategies through relevant feedback and statistics. 
  • Share knowledge from your best performing stores across the entire chain. 
  • Track results by region or store to see which teams are doing well and why. 
  • Increase wellbeing by providing staff with exciting tools and insights to keep improving.
  • Give kudos to different teams, managers and employees, raising team spirit and positivity.
  • Lower the recruitment cost by creating a culture where the staff feels valued and happy.

How the Regional Manager uses Maze

Creating loyal customers is the most important KPI with the Maze approach. Loyal customers tend to spend more money when visiting your store, come back more often and recommend it to others. By using Maze as a Regional Manager, you can ensure that every store is in control of their customer interactions every day, no matter if you are there or not. Each store can put their focus on their own training goals and increase their results though Maze. 

The Regional Manager can:
  • Compare how your stores are performing, and why. 
  • See where your focus is needed most, to understand what to prioritize. 
  • Send out kudos and positive reinforcement to motivate and inspire the whole chain. 
  • Get a deeper understanding of what your local customers likes and wants. 
  • Share the skills and expertise of your best sales staff and stores across the whole chain. 
  • Get glimpses into your store teams, even when you're not physically there.
  • Lower the risk of staff turnover by creating a culture of positivity and improvement.

How the Store Manager uses Maze

No store manager can observe every customer interaction and know how every employee is performing. But Maze helps by doing the next best thing. It’s an easy way to collect feedback, evaluate and follow up on staff interactions with customers. Using the data, the Store Manager can learn what to focus on to improve behaviours among the store teams, get an overview of the results and give positive feedback to increase motivation and wellbeing. 

The Store Manager can:
  • Use daily feedback to get a clear picture of how the store teams are performing in customer interactions. 
  • Understand where to put your focus, increasing your ability to prioritize. 
  • See how other stores are performing and learn their secrets to success. 
  • Set common goals and focus areas for the team and follow up whenever you want. 
  • Send out kudos to employees based on positive customer feedback, increasing staff wellbeing. 
  • Build a culture of improvement through daily training, feedback and insights. 
  • Let everyone feel seen and heard, making work more fun and lowering sickness absence.

How the Store staff uses Maze

The frontline staff are the ones who actually meet customers and represent your company on a daily basis. This makes their work incredibly important. They are the ones who can have the biggest impact on increased conversions and higher basket sizes. Maze helps employees excel in their role by gaining the confidence and skills they need to create top-tier customer experiences. All while having fun and feeling good in the process.

The Store staff can:
  • Receive daily feedback and reminders to make sure they know what to work on. 
  • Share their experiences with their colleagues and learn from each other. 
  • Receive insights to change their behaviour in a positive way. 
  • Learn and repeat training activities proven to create top tier salespeople. 
  • Track their progress and see how small changes can rapidly improve results. 
  • Receive praise from colleagues, making sure they understand that their hard work matters. 

Get started in only 4 weeks

Curious to try Maze? You can get started and use it for yourself in only 4 weeks. The process is very simple: