The key is to build long-term relationships with our customers

Polarn O. Pyret has, since its founding in 1976, been selling high-quality outerwear for children. They were early adopters of sustainability in design. The garments were designed to endure children climbing trees, crawling on asphalt, and rolling around. The clothes are so sturdy that they can be handed down multiple times.

– Our vision is to have three children in each garment. We have made significant progress in durability, and we are proud of that. The feedback from our customers about this is absolutely magical. The feedback has been the key to our development, says Kim Lundvall, Head of Retail Manager.

Earlier this year, Polarn O. Pyret started using Maze for collecting customer feedback directly in the store and shortly after the customer interaction, and they have already gained valuable experiences.

– We can influence how we meet our customers, and we have proof that customers perceive us as being good at what we believe we’re good at. At Polarn O. Pyret, we have a very strong belief that the key to success is to build long-term relationships with our customers, right from when the child is in the mother’s womb until they are 7-8 years old, Kim Lundvall explains.

Customers respond to the service and their interaction with the specific salesperson. Kim Lundvall is pleased to report that customers say the service exceeds their expectations. The vast majority of customers give positive feedback, but Polarn O. Pyret also receive constructive criticism.

– We might think we are good at something and set goals together, but Maze concretely tells us what each store is good at, and what they can improve on. Then we take specific action on what we want to improve. This has definitely increased our upselling, says Kim Lundvall.

– Satisfied customers return more often. We rely on them coming back to our physical stores, she adds.

”Maze has been the key to the good numbers we have for articles per customer, average purchase, and hit rate, measured against last year.”

Kim Lundvall, Head of Retail Manager

Pride and Engagement

Positive customer feedback boosts the confidence and pride of the staff at Polarn O. Pyret stores.

– We have a lot that we are proud of, and we want to get better and continue to exceed expectations. It’s the pride that the salesperson, team, and store manager feel that makes us want to meet customers with joy, inspiration, and commitment, says Kim Lundvall.

Within the store chain, they share kudos. Not just with the specific employee and the team in the store, but visibly so that the entire store chain can see the feedback, for example in their internal weekly newsletters.

In May, they decided to focus together on the number of articles per customer.

– We succeeded, and we saw that both in the feedback from customers and in the concrete results. Maze has been the key to the good numbers we have for articles per customer, average purchase, and hit rate, measured against last year, says Kim Lundvall.

Kim Lundvall further shares that for several years, they have been working on developing their sales culture.

– Building a stronger culture and engagement means that employees stay longer. Getting confirmation that customers are satisfied makes us willing to fight. Our store staff give of themselves every day,” concludes Kim Lundvall.

Listen to Polarn O. Pyrets experience with Maze:

Creates positivity and and engagement

– I check the app every morning, says Susanne Rammelt, the store manager of Polarn O. Pyret’s store in Täby Center in Stockholm, Sweden. She explains that it has become easier to develop sellers with Maze.

– I have some girls who are right on and are super sellers. And then there are some who are more cautious. It’s very important that we see each customer. Our sellers approach all the customers who come into the store. With Maze, I can prove in black and white what the difference is. The sellers have been uplifted by seeing how good we are, she says.

The store manager says that she trains with her store staff every day.

– They have become much more proactive. I involve everyone, and it has become more positive.

”Positive feedback creates engagement.”

Susanne Rammelt, Store Manager

Long-term Relationships

Susanne Rammelt is clear that they want to have long-term relationships with their customers. Such relationships increase engagement.

– That we have ambassador customers is confirmed by several customers coming into the store and actively telling us that they have responded to the customer survey and written positive responses. That we predominantly get positive feedback shows that we are doing a lot right. Positive feedback creates engagement, she says.

Sharing Feedback

– When we get a lovely comment, I share it in our group, continues Susanne Rammelt. She emphasizes that Maze is not just for the store but a tool for the whole region.

– Every week, I print out all customer comments. We receive many personal and good comments. I post them with my comments in our WhatsApp group. This way, all the sellers in the team can see them.

Regional managers work in the same way towards store managers, giving them kudos and uplifting comments on a job well done.

– It’s about having a good attitude, and we have that. What we set as our goal, we achieve. In Polarn O. Pyret, we have developed a very positive attitude throughout the entire company, says Susanne Rammelt enthusiastically.

The Right Direction

The store in Täby focuses on the points where they can improve. Susanne Rammelt says that they always have some selected focus areas, and she confirms that the store’s KPIs are moving in the right direction. Currently, the store focuses on offering more.

– And turnover automatically increases. It goes hand in hand,” says Susanne Rammelt.

Another focus area is to offer more products. The store manager believes that offering upsells is caring for the customer.

Listen to Polarn O. Pyrets experience with Maze:

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Polarn O. Pyret has been selling high-quality outerwear for children since 1976. Today they consist of 100 stores in Northern Europe.

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