Co-op East of England uses real-time insights for incremental improvements 

When Co-op East of England went through a strategic analysis, they realised they needed a clear understanding of their customers' perceptions and an effective way to measure customer satisfaction. Traditional methods like the Net Promoter Score (NPS) proved too technical and impractical for the frontline staff.

Co-op East of England

Co-op East of England wanted a more intuitive, actionable solution to engage both customers and employees. During their search, they discovered Maze. 

I had never seen the Maze approach before, but it was very appealing. It works seamlessly across devices and works as a perfect complement to the NPS.  

Richard Hitt, Senior Research & Insight Manager at Co-op East of England

Unlike traditional metrics, Maze offers a straightforward and accessible solution, where Co-op East of England can focus on two simple but powerful questions: ”Do we make you feel welcome?” and ”Are we competitive?”. This creates a clear focus and measurable KPI’s. 

Real-time insights through a simple overview 

From a data scientist’s perspective, Maze is a game-changer.  

– It’s brilliant, so easy to use, says Ronnie Curbishley, Data scientist at Co-op East of England. Maze provides instant, pre-generated reports, which makes me happy since I don’t have to prepare them myself. We can quickly get insights and focus on strategic improvements. We can set it up however we want; weekly, monthly or quarterly etc, and we can access the data in seconds. 

When they started using Maze, it revealed a difference in store performance, highlighting areas where stores are performing well, and areas of improvement.  

It’s about incremental improvement. It’s a common strategy in sports where you focus on what you can do today to become better tomorrow, and that has really become our philosophy. 

Richard Hitt, Senior Research & Insight Manager at Co-op East of England

Engaging and motivating employees 

One of the standout features of Maze is the ability to recognise and reward outstanding employee performance. Positive feedback from customers is shared across the company, from the CEO to frontline staff, creating a motivational feedback loop.  

– It’s almost like a social media tool, Richard says. If someone receives praise from a customer, it gets elevated and seen by the company. It makes everyone feel noticed, which is very motivating. You’ll know that your work actually makes a difference.  

In the end, Maze proved to be more than just a metric; it became a catalyst for cultural change and continuous improvement at Co-op East of England. 

This case is based on an interview at Retail Week Live in 2023. 

Curious to discover how Maze can benefit your organization? 

Take a peek inside Maze and learn how you can increase your staff wellbeing and create repeat customers. 

The first ever Co-op was founded in the 1800s, and today, Co-op East of England is the largest independent retailer operating in the East of England – Always with the intent of putting the members first.

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