Maze for the pharmacy industry

Maze is spearheading the development of customer interactions through partnerships with over 1400 pharmacies in Scandinavia and the UK.

Use Maze for a number of positive effects:


Increase conversion rates

Use data and daily feedback to understand exactly what behaviours create the best experiences. Allow your expertise to shine through and increase both basket sizes and conversion rates. 


Get repeat customers

Customers with prescriptions tend to buy more if they’re satisfied with the customer service. Use Maze to learn how to delight every customer, and work on behaviours that create lifelong customers. 


Raise team spirit

Set realistic goals and ambitions in your specific store and context, raising team spirit and making work more fun. Maze allows your team to share compliments and learnings, which increases motivation and engagement.

Some of our customers:

Success stories

With over 90 000 users globally, Maze is helping stores all over to release the underlying potential among their staff and get repeat customers. Learn how they do it. 

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The Maze App

A tool for behaviour change

Make behaviour change a fun and engaging process by using Maze as a daily training app for your frontline staff. Managers can set focus areas for individual stores and track their improvement over time. Then they can use concrete feedback to increase engagement and energise the staff, making them better at their jobs.

Create loyal customers

By offering better and better customer experiences, your customers want to keep coming back for more. Satisfied customers tend to spend more, return time and again, and recommend you to others.

Focus on your needs

Let managers set goals for each individual store, and follow-up to see they’re heading the right direction. Learn from other stores to make sure each decision is the right one.

Plan the right activities

What exact skills does your employees need to improve? How are the best performing stores doing it? Deepen your knowledge and give your managers the tools they need to improve the frontline staff and increase conversions.

Engage your staff

By using gamification, positive feedback and a continuous improvement loop, your employees will be more engaged, and have more fun at work. When your staff is engaged, the positive energy will translate to your customers.

Get the latest Insights from Maze

Learn strategies and examples of how to grow your retail stores through a culture of behaviour change. 

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Get started in only 4 weeks

Curious to try Maze? You can get started and use it for yourself in only 4 weeks. The process is very simple: