Assuring high-quality customer experiences at APOTEKEREN 

Pharmacies have been going through major changes over the past few years. Customers and authorities have new expectations and requirements almost daily, which result in chains needing to adapt. To adapt and grow through this period of change, Maze can support and provide you with quick access to knowledge and customer data. Data that will make the challenges easier to handle and increases the chances to increase the quality of your stores.

Of course, we want our customers to have a high-quality experience when they visit our members’ pharmacies. That’s why we are so pleased to see a clear development in several core areas, not just in individual pharmacies, but across the country.

Dorte Brix, CEO at APOTEKEREN A.m.b.a. 

The user-friendly Maze solution 

The chain of APOTEKEREN stores consists of 109 pharmacies that, in addition to being part of the Danish Pharmacy Association community, have formed their own chain to optimize marketing, purchasing, education etc. 

Maze has been implemented in all 109 pharmacies. As the CEO at APOTEKEREN, Dorte Brix is very pleased with how easily they have integrated Maze into their daily routines, and how quickly the users have been able to benefit from it in each individual pharmacy. 

– Everyone loves the fact that Maze is so user-friendly. It’s easy to get started and gain important knowledge, and also get support in choosing actions moving forward. Since you have so many practical things to take care of in the regular workday, we love that Maze is easy to fit into the workday, says Dorte Brix. 

At APOTEKEREN, they use the large amount of customer data to find best practices across the chain and highlight the success factors that can be shared and used by others stores moving forward. 

With Maze, we can call or write to the customers to gain more knowledge or solve issues in a way that shows them how much we care. 

Central overview – local benefits 

Dorte Brix points out another benefit for APOTEKEREN. The Maze tool is a good solution for the pharmacies’ regulatory requirements from the Danish Quality Model, and also creates a possibility for direct and effective dialogue with customers. 

– Starting dialogues is incredibly valuable for opening new doors and solving challenges that can be difficult to spot, says Helle Steen Sørensen, Pharmacist at Herning Østergades Apotek. Even when their experience is not perfect, our customers give us authentic answers and are open to dialogue. With Maze, we can call or write to the customers to gain more knowledge or solve issues in a way that shows them how much we care. 

Each individual store has access to concrete and quick feedback, which helps employees in their daily processes. 

– Since we get data and comments in real time, this suddenly becomes here-and-now-knowledge, which makes it easier to adjust accordingly. We can clearly see that our efforts have an instant, positive impact. This creates a positive cycle across our entire chain, says Helle Steen Sørensen. 

Quick and concrete feedback 

Helle has tried several tools before but feels like Maze is simpler and more practical than the alternatives. Thus, you get a much better basis for improvement and comparison. 

– Previously we had processes that were too slow. We had expensive systems that were both difficult to handle and provided a difficult framework in terms of response speed and anonymity. The Maze tool solves these issues incredibly well, Helle says. 

She continues: 

– Customer satisfaction surveys work best if you can see the feedback quickly and compare them to earlier results. With that data, you can set realistic goals and ambitions in relation to your specific situation, not just to what satisfaction levels you had several months ago. 

Increasing employee satisfaction 

At APOTEKEREN they use Maze for more than customer satisfaction – they also measure employee satisfaction.  

– It must be easy to use for every party, be 100% anonymous and deliver instant results. We use Maze to have a concrete starting point, which we then can try to improve through follow-ups and our daily work, says Helle Steen Sørensen. 

She sees Maze as a really unique tool in this area. 

– Data collection should never be an isolated area we look into once or twice per year – it’s a tool for everyday life. But it is also always crucial that a tool is flexible and easy to use without compromising on high-quality data. I’m really happy with Maze in that regard. 

Curious to discover how Maze can benefit your organization? 

Take a peek inside Maze and learn how you can increase your staff wellbeing and create repeat customers. 

Founded in 1991, APOTEKEREN was the first pharmacy chain in Denmark, with a clear mission of putting the customers first. Today, they are the biggest pharmacy chain in the country.

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