The webinar is free, and only 20 minutes long (+5 minutes for questions) 

Empower your staff

Every retailer wants loyal customers, and everyone understands that they need to engage and educate their frontline staff in order to succeed. But how? How can you turn every employee and part time worker into a superstar and unlock their underlying superpowers? 

In this webinar you’ll meet the Maze Senior Partner Gøril Wold Wægger with over 18 years of sales and project experience in the information technology and 10 years in the hospitality and services sector.

Gøril will talk about: 

  • The hidden results of having more loyal customers (hint: It’s about money)
  • Why you need engaged employees to get loyal customers
  • 5 ways your staff can unlock their inner superpowers and increase their sales numbers
  • Actual data from retailers, showcasing what can happen when you create satisfied, repeat customers
  • How to shift focus from results to behaviour change (and why you should)

Would you like to look through the presentation and save it for later or share it with your colleagues? Download it for free right here.