Danish arts and crafts retail chain Panduro uses Maze to increase the knowledge about their customers, and to improve the customer experience. At the same time, the positive vibes are multiplying thanks to the feedback. 

– We check Maze on a daily basis. In addition to monitoring sales figures, with Maze we get a snapshot of what customers are saying, says Area Manager Christina Breilev.

In this blog post and videos, Christina Breilev, and store managers Dorthe R. Bertelsen and Anette Sorensen share their experience with Maze. This content covers:

  • How Maze helps them through the hard days
  • How the Maze app differs from other tools
  • The value of honest feedback

Thanks to Maze, Panduro gets detailed information and suggestions on how to improve the customer experience.

– We have a lot of KPI’s, but we didn’t have that specific knowledge of what the real customers are actually saying, what customers are looking for and what customers are saying in our stores and how we could improve on these aspects, says Christina Breilev.

“Maze is brilliant”

As many other Maze users report, the strength does not always show on the good days.

– Maze is brilliant, not only on the green days, but also on those red days. If we have a red day, then it’s really helpful that we can log in and see appreciation from customers that we are doing our best, says Christina Breilev.
Store manager Dorthe R. Bertelsen agrees:

– There are days when you are struggling and you just didn’t reach sales targets that day, and then, next morning, when you open the Maze app, sometimes you see very positive comments there: “excellent service” and “Full service, no improvements suggested”, she says.

Maze also helps Panduro to spread positive vibes among each other.

– Logging in and seeing good feedback from customers and forwarding it to the store managers that absolutely fills me with joy. I can communicate directly via Maze with the store managers and give kudos to them for doing a great job, says Christina Breilev.

Surprisingly simple

In stark contrast to many other tools and processes, Maze is easy to both set up and maintain. Something that surprised Dorthe R. Bertelsen.
– When Maze was initially introduced, I thought: “Oh, so now they are introducing even more performance measurement criteria, even more tools to use, and how to find the time for that, but none of my concerns were justified. It’s so easy and simple, she says, and continues:

–  Two or three minutes and then you’ll be up to speed, and full of energy and joy when you see the feedback from the customers. I mean, it will really make your day. It makes you say “yes, I’m so ready for another day!

Honest feedback

Before Panduro started using Maze, store managers listened to the customers’ feedback, and took note of it. But now, they get a more detailed picture.

– Customers don’t say everything. And therefore we get a truer picture now. They are more honest now, says Anette Sorensen, store manager.