Navigating the retail industry, Fargerike stands tall as Norway’s predominant paint retail chain, with 98 franchise outlets. At its helm, CEO Stine Solheim, a visionary who believes in the transformative power of customer feedback. Under her guidance Fargerike successfully created frontline staff proficiency and motivation with customer insights.

In the following blog post and video, she shares her experience with Maze.

Read, watch and learn more about:

  • How they utilize fresh feedback to enhance their frontline teams
  • The increase in the frontline team’s motivation
  • The connection between ambassador levels and internal KPI’s

Real-Time Feedback – A Game Changer

In retail, constant evolution is paramount. For Fargerike, this meant breaking away from traditional, annual status checks and seeking a more immediate, responsive feedback mechanism. 

– We have now started using results from Maze, and we can start looking at ambassador level and in-store satisfaction. And what we see is that the employees who deliver a very good result rate at ambassador level, they also deliver better results in store with regard to their KPIs, says Stine Solheim.

Yet, this transformation wasn’t solely a top-down initiative. The desire for a more immediate feedback tool bubbled up from the frontline teams themselves, reflecting their commitment to understanding and enhancing the customer experience.

– It started when the employees wanted a tool to be able to measure customer satisfaction in the stores. Being able to take the pulse of that every single day is something we haven’t had before. Because once a year, it gets a bit like a status check. And we have considered, should we have those push buttons? We have used mystery shopper but it is still too little and too inferior data, I think.

Seamless implementation

Marrying a new tool to an established retail giant can often be fraught with complications. However, the integration of Maze into Fargerike’s operations was as smooth.

– Getting live feedback from every single customer is awesome. It has been very easy to implement Maze. It has been pretty painless from the time we started talking to Maze until it was up and running. It worked really well.

With Maze, Fargerike found more than just a tool. They discovered a partner that brought along a wealth of expertise from similar businesses, ensuring the feedback framework was tailored to elicit actionable insights.

– It’s a solution that just works, and that is extremely important for a retailer. It’s easy with the app, it’s easy with the dashboard, and it was a simple process to get the battery of questions set up because you had so much expertise from similar businesses which meant that we could use that expertise to start the race very well with the right rig.

Building A Bridge Between Customers And Staff

Beyond numbers and operational metrics, the heart of Fargerike’s success lies in the emotive bonds built between customers and frontline teams. The genuine care customers have for Fargerike is palpable, with an overwhelming number showering the brand with positive feedback.

– I think it’s fantastic that the customers are so engaged. I feel that they really care about Fargerike. There are an incredible number of customers who write very positive feedback, which of course pleases the store manager and the employees when they receive so much praise.

This appreciation isn’t just a testament to Fargerike’s products and services; it acts as a daily motivator, inspiring employees to stay connected, keep track of their performance, and constantly strive for better.

– It’s motivation, no doubt about it. After all, they sit on the sofa almost every night and check their results. So it has become a bit like that, you don’t want to miss out on anything here. It’s all very positive.

In conclusion, Fargerike’s success is a testament to the power of understanding, valuing and using customer feedback, creating retail success in the heart of Norway.