As more eyewear and optical store chains are upgrading their customer feedback systems, the relation between store staff behaviour and commercial success is getting stronger.
– You need to monitor the behaviour part of the business, and look into what behaviours turn into commercial success, says Kjetil Engen, managing director of Norwegian optical store chain Brilleland.

In the following blog post and video, Brilleland managing director Kjetil Engen shares their experiences with Maze.

The blog post covers

  • Brilleland’s guiding light through the feedback process
  • How they connect sales to Maze
  • How Brilleland peeks into the future with the help of customer  insights

In retail, store teams are often encouraged to change and adapt behaviour to increase customer satisfaction. But might there be a more defined connection between behaviour and commercial success, other than just customer satisfaction?

Since the start Maze has made it possible for retailers to collect huge amounts of customer feedback with their app, as a way of training store staff teams and increasing sales. And Maze became an obvious choice for Brilleland.

The strong- and the weak side

Behavioural change can mean many things. Maybe you need to offer help to more customers in your store, reduce waiting times or smile more. And whatever the change is, it becomes even more daunting to do it on a mass scale. Cultural change is a beast.

For Brilleland, transparency has been a guiding light through the process in changing store staff behaviour.

– You have to create the space to share both good and bad results. At Brilleland we have total transparency. You know who’s good and weaker on the different parameters. You can’t be the best at everything, says Kjetil Engen.

Tracking the sales process

Together with his teams Kjetil noticed that the more Brilleland store employees offered subscriptions to their customers, the more they sold. No news there.

But the interesting part is that Brilleland managed to keep track of how many customers they offered subscriptions to. And increase that number in the stores where it was necessary.

The connection between behavioural change and sales couldn’t be more evident.

– We make the sales process play together with Maze. Maze is the main tool where I can see if we are following or not following the sales process in each and every store. Store managers, optometrists and sales representatives, really use the Maze app to look into how they perform the sales process.

A tool for peeking into the future

Kjetil Engen and his teams are now using those behavioural changes to predict commercial success.

– I like to call it feed forward work. Because when I see the behaviour measured in Maze being at the high level, I know that around the next corner we have the commercial results. It’s an effect of that. Just by looking at the behaviour towards the customer I can predict how the commercial result will turn out.