Maze and Gina Tricot has been partners for 3 years, and the so far it has produced a way of getting more out of each customer, as well as increasing sales and made it easier for each store to set up their own goals and track progress.
– Now the culture is around customer and what we can do to make her happy, says Heidi Engan, Country Manager for Gina Tricot in Norway.

In this blog post and video, Gina Trico Country manager Heidi Engan shares her experiences with Maze. This content covers:

  • 4 things that has happened after 3 years with Maze
  • The cultural change at the stores
  • The power shift from management to frontline teams

During the last 3 years, Gina Tricot has seen an increase of the NPS by a whopping 170 percent. Each store and store manager set up their own goals, and track progress individually.

– They can follow off their staff the whole time, and also they can train in a way with their own customers because they can set up a goal. They can put it on the agenda and they can follow up their own result, says Heidi Engan.

The main reason for the success for Gina Tricot is tied to a cultural change.

– We were ready for a change, and Maze has helped us to put this focus into the teams. Before Maze, the culture was more about running fast and refill stores. Now the culture is around customer, and what we can do to make her happy, and of course to make her spend more money in our stores and choose us as the first top of mind.

The results so during the last 3 years have been great, and 4 things stand out.

– We can see that the customers like our stores better. They do recommend us for friends and they come back. We can see also that the average sales go up.

As a top leader at Gina Tricot, Heidi Engan has been able to push the responsibility out to the front line store staff and the leaders in the store.

– They have a tool where they can train their own staff, before Maze these processes went through us (c-level management).

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