How does it feel when you score a goal and the crowd at Wembley roar in celebration?

I imagine it’s amazing having thousands of people scream your name and celebrate your success.  It must get the adrenaline flowing knowing everyone in the stadium has seen the goal and knows its value to the team.

As a player it gives you the confidence to go back out there in the second half and score again, and then repeat that game after game.  Why should footballers be the only ones to experience this thrill?

Sport in general shows us that home advantage counts. Teams score more points at home, and its not just down a better knowledge of the stadium or the pitch.  It’s the impact the crowd has on boosting their team’s performance.  We saw during the pandemic, with fans omitted from stadiums, teams struggled to perform at their best.  The players need the added encouragement of the cheering crowd to perform at their best, no matter what the conditions.

Away from football, Olympic athletes perform better at home than away Olympics.  Every home nation wins more medals at the Olympics they hosted.  The only exception has been Team GB which went on to win four more medals at Brazil in 2016 than in London four years earlier.*

At Maze, we think all retail staff should feel the roar of the crowd in celebration of their hard work if they are to perform at their best everyday.  Now we can’t bring a stadium crowd into your retail store or roll out your senior management team to parade down the isles cheering the name of your amazing staff.  But we can bring that same feeling of recognition and celebration to them.

For smarter decisions, empower your store colleagues

Why is this important?  Studies show money is a poor long-term motivator but getting recognition from your colleagues, both those you work with and those you work for, is a consistent and proven motivator. 

When your staff see that their actions in-store are being recognised and endorsed by their customers, then celebrated by their management teams, you create a loop where behavioural change is recognised by the customer and celebrated by the management.  This encourages your colleagues and those around them to continue and adopt new practises to gain more recognition.

This helps them to learn how to better serve customers and be rewarded, motivated, and recognised by their managers for doing a great job, every single day.

Focus on what you can influence

This is why we created Maze Feedback, a smart APP that sends positive customer feedback directly to the employee.  Managers and colleagues can view the customers positive comments and award kudos and create news posts to celebrate their achievements.  Share the good news and celebrate your victories.

The store teams they work in can compare their progress to other stores within the group to track their improvements and understand where they need to work in order to improve against the best stores.  If they are the best, how they can stay there!

Recognition from customers and colleagues is not only a great motivator, but it also increases staff engagement and retention, addressing two major issues facing retail today.

Working with Maze, all your staff will feel the power of the roar of crowd and be celebrated for the amazing service they provide.

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*If you were wondering, in Tokyo 2020, Team GB equalled their London 2012 result with 65 medals.