Boost sales with
frontline excellence

Turn insights to better sales. Transform input to ROI.

Let real customers encourage retail staff to take charge of sales, training and customer experience.

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The results with Maze are evident

Would you waste the chance to get additional sales? Or get more customers to return to your stores?

Increase sales

Grow footfall

Boost basket size

Improve team spirit

Get better ROI

Higher revenue/customer


Increased sales with a frontline that takes charge of performance

Through your customer loyalty program/POS customers get to answer questions about their visit.

The Maze app gives every in-store team member training activities and goals to reach.

Training creates new behaviours that take you closer to your goal: increased sales with a frontline staff that takes charge of performance.

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Maze quick facts

Prior positive in-store experience is now the biggest factor in getting customers coming back to your store

In all retail segments, prior positive in-store experience is 3 to 10 times more important than advertising & promotions to ensure footfall to your store.

Improvement through continuous development.
Every day, by all staff.

Maze is the missing piece of the puzzle in achieving perfect in-store customer experience. Change can be difficult, whether it’s about increasing sales, becoming a better listener or developing new habits.

By combining scientific approaches to customer engagement with direct feedback from real customers, the Maze app for daily training creates new better habits for retail staff.

The app gamifies and rewards the areas of improvement you’ve chosen to focus on. It’s fun to use and creates measurable effects.


Easy to get started with smooth onboarding

Maze integrates seamlessly to your existing loyalty program and with our easy onboarding you’re soon up and running. Exactly as with our other +90 000 users!

Maze uses AI to propose, measure and follow up each store and its staff’s improvements over time.


Helping Specsavers to deliver on their customer-service promise

Not satisfied with their existing customer insight approaches, Specsavers worked with Maze on a worldwide project taking in over 2,000 stores.

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We see a clear link between satisfied customers and good performance figures. Customer percentages, garments per customer and average purchases have all increased since we started using Maze.
Elise Myhre Hoe, Store manager KappAhl
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Direct, continuous customer feedback for every store

KappAhl in Krokstadelva, Norway, is now scoring higher in their face-to-face customer interactions…

Daily training has meant that we have worked our way up

Continuous feedback from customers directly to each store has produced results…

Boost sales with frontline excellence and
create perfect in-store customer experience.
Every time.

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Increase customer loyalty from the bottom up

In this text we’ll go through the connections between customer loyalty, culture and the bottom up perspective.

Mark Rice
UK Sales Manager
Revenue growth fuelled by motivation

Revenue growth fuelled by motivation

The post-pandemic customer has far higher demands for the customer experience.

Jim Nicholson
Managing Director UK & Ireland

Stranger than Fiction

As we approach the end of yet another unpredictable year and look ahead to 2023, one thing that 2022 has taught us is that the future is stranger than fiction.

Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

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