1. Cutting Unnecessary Training Costs

Training is essential, but wasted resources on unnecessary training activities can drain a company’s budget. Maze revolutionizes the training process by enabling businesses to train their store staff based on real customer feedback. This targeted approach allows retailers to track and measure changed behavior to gauge its effectiveness. The result? Significant cost savings as training investments are channeled into areas that yield tangible improvements in customer satisfaction and sales performance.

”Retailers who choose to invest in the development and training of their employees will outperform their competitors in the future”

Henning Eriksen, CEO, Møbelringen

2. Tailored Activities for Each Store

One size does not fit all in the world of retail. Maze’s dynamic nature caters to both retail chains and individual stores. Unlike generic training programs that require all stores to focus on the same areas, Maze recognizes that each store has unique challenges. Store A might need to enhance customer assistance, while Store B may need to improve customer greetings. By tailoring activities to the specific needs of each store, Maze ensures that resources are allocated efficiently. This means reduced training costs as staff members receive targeted guidance on areas that matter most to their store’s success.

3. Saved Marketing Costs through Word-of-Mouth

Marketing can be expensive, but nothing beats the power of word-of-mouth recommendations. Maze elevates customer satisfaction, driving increased loyalty. Happy customers become brand advocates, recommending the store to friends and family based on their outstanding experiences. This organic, cost-effective word-of-mouth marketing increases footfall without the need for pricey advertising campaigns.

”We can see that the customers like our stores better. They do recommend us for friends and they come back. We can see also that the average sales go up.”

Heidi Engan, Country Manager, Gina Tricot

4. Increased Footfall to Your Store

Customer experiences are the driving force behind footfall in today’s retail landscape. Maze empowers businesses to create exceptional shopping experiences, enticing more customers to return. As positive in-store experiences become the primary driver of foot traffic, Maze ensures that your stores are the preferred destination for shoppers.

5. Boosting Purchase Per Visit and Basket Value

Imagine the impact of every customer purchasing two more items during each store visit. With Maze, retailers have achieved precisely that. By optimizing staff interactions and providing personalized recommendations, Maze increases purchase advice offerings by up to 50%, resulting in higher basket values and ultimately greater revenue. One of our customers, Swedish children’s wear retailer Polarn O. Pyret, saw an increase purchase per visit by 3% since starting with Maze.

”Maze has been the key to our success in average sales, basket size and hit rate”

Kim Lundvall, Head of Retail Manager, Polarn O. Pyret

6. Elevating Team Morale and Performance

With Maze, you’re not just enhancing customer experiences; you’re also elevating team spirit, happiness, pride and enthusiasm among your frontline staff.

By giving your frontline staff a sense of ownership and control, Maze nurtures a motivated team that stays with you longer, reducing staff turnover and associated costs. Happier employees are more likely to remain in their roles, creating a stable and committed workforce. Reduced turnover means less expenditure on recruitment, training, and onboarding, resulting in substantial cost savings for your business.

7. Enhancing Turnover through Improved Customer Experience

One of the most compelling advantages of adopting Maze is its ability to substantially increase turnover for retailers. A positive customer experience is directly correlated with increased sales. When customers have a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience, they are more likely to make a purchase, often buying more than initially intended. Maze plays a pivotal role in refining the customer journey, ensuring that every touchpoint meets or exceeds customer expectations. Norwegian Sports Retailer Anton Sport knows this. In 2022, the leadership of Sport1 Holding, the parent company of Anton Sport, made a strategic choice to rebrand multiple Intersport outlets under the banner of Anton Sport. Some of these outlets boosted their turnover by 50%.

”50% increase in sales since transitioning to our business model”

Morten Borgersen, General Manager and owner, Anton Sport

Cutting Costs and Boosting Profits with Maze

Maze is not just an investment in enhancing customer experiences; it’s a strategic decision that significantly impacts your bottom line. By cutting unnecessary training costs, tailoring activities to individual stores, harnessing word-of-mouth marketing, driving increased footfall, boosting purchase values, and elevating team spirit, Maze ensures a remarkable ROI.

In an era where smart investments make all the difference, Maze empowers retailers to allocate resources where they matter most, rather than pouring money into ineffective actions that neither enhance customer experiences nor drive sales. The path to retail success is clear: it’s time to embrace Maze and reap the rewards of cost savings and exceptional ROI.