Text and photo by Nils Vanebo

This week saw the big event come to a close. Thousands of visitors, along with hundreds of guests and speakers got together and dove deep into the challenges and possibilities of todays’ retail.
– We’re well known and established in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and we view UK as our fourth big market, says CEO and co-founder Frode Berg.

Maze already has Specsavers as an ambassador client, but Frode Berg clarifies that the sales process in UK takes longer than in the Nordics.

As a main sponsor, Maze are everywhere at Retail Week Live in London.

Maze brought a delegation with leaders from retail, from store chains like: Gina Tricot, Jernia, Bjørklund, Hageland, Synsam, Power, Møbelringen, Fargerike and Polarn O. Pyret.

Several of Maze’s C-level clients hosted keynote speeches where they shared their experiences from implementing the Maze APP.

– All these retailers have documented the effects of Maze on customer meetings and NPS, and we’re happy that they chose to share it with others, says Frode Berg.

A unique method and process

– With Maze, the retail chains get a new type of management called ”bottom up”. The frontline store staff are seen. We all need acknowledgement. Those of us who are a little bit older, are used to a tap on the back from the boss, but that doesn’t work for younger generations. They are used to feedback in social media, that’s visible to everyone. Maze works in the same way, says Frode Berg.

The motivation among the store staff teams is strengthened, because the feedback is provided in a medium that is relevant and useful to the employee.

Culture needs motivation

– There are between 50 and 100 other companies that collect feedback from customers, but not one of them has the same process as we do. We have developed our tool and our method since 2005, says Frode Berg.

Maze collects and processes feedback from real customers through seamlessly, and stores receive unique and relevant information on a daily basis. Each feedback is fresh and can be worked on straight away.

– We should be the best in the world at what we do, says Frode Berg.

With Maze, the customer meeting improves, and a great customer experience is the most important reason for when a customer returns to a store.

– You must treat every customer as a gift, says Frode Berg.

And that is becoming even more important, because he’s certain that footfall will decrease in the near future.
– Getting customers to return is significantly cheaper than acquiring new customers through marketing, moreoverMaze has a positive effect on conversion rate, says Frode Berg.

Not only do retailers keep customers when they use Maze, the APP also creates engagement and makes it easier to motivate and retain employees by showing kudos out in the open.

Photo: Frode Berg, Gøril Wold Wegger, Tomas Pinås and Kristine Ravnang Nilsen från Maze Feedback AS go big in United Kingdom. Maze is the main sponsor for Retail Week Live in London.