The event was both an opportunity to see old faces and understand the future of the customer journey as retail moves forward into 2022. Ambassador Wegger Christian Strømmen opened the event and were excited to learn that Maze was the second group to use the residence since the refurbishment.

We enjoyed a traditional Norwegian meal together with a small selection of our customers that gave the guests insight into how they use Maze products and how it gives them insight when it comes to the thoughts of their customers via Maze feedback.

Tomas Pinas, Maze Sales director, underlined in his presentation that its focus is primarily on retail, with a dedication towards improving the customer journey and measuring the customer’s temperature in the simplest and most informative way possible.

Plantasjen is the foremost garden retailer across Norway, Sweden and Finland. In 2021 their focus has been to increase the number of customers and their basket value by approaching every customer with an offer to help.

Average basket size increase by £8

Plantasjen discovered that for every offer to help and the resulting interaction between the customer and the staff member, the basket size increased by the equivalent of £8. The Maze app reminded the store team of the importance of engagement, and it also allowed the head office to track how well offering help was working. After just a few weeks, the store team offered 71% of customers help, and 84% said they would recommend Plantasjen to their friends and family. In monetary terms, this also resulted in a significant increase in revenue.

General Manager Carina Hummel represented Specsavers at the event. Hummel said that Specsavers always have gathered customer feedback, but their surveys were often paper-based or sporadic before joining Maze.

Gaining insight was almost impossible, and understanding the different metrics for different stores was also tricky.

Together with Maze, Specsavers then developed a survey that would capture customer feedback quickly, simply and in a way that allowed instant adaptation. With 70,000 pieces of feedback each week, Specsavers was able to act on all of it!

Specsavers also set up their ”Customer Panel” – a group of 12,000 customers involved in the decisions that directly affect them – everything from marketing campaigns to ad copy.

Smile Score – the new metric for Specsavers

This year, Specsavers added a new question to their Maze survey ”Did the team make you smile today?”. Around 90% agreed that they did indeed receive a smile. Now every staff member is committed to knowing the ”Smile Score” of their particular store and aiming to improve it.

”For us”, Carina says, ”it is heartwarming to understand that Maze is making a difference by helping to ensure that shoppers are getting the service they deserve – with offers of help and a smile”.

To find out more about Maze and how we can help you to enjoy the results seen by our customers, give us a call.