We’ve collected our 6 key takeaways below. Now let’s recharge, and let all these amazing impressions sink in before we move forward to what’s next.

1. Capitalise on retail growth

  • Footfall is up by 11%
  • Customer spend is up by 2.6%
  • Maze can help increase your basket size by 20%

2. Engaged staff deliver results

  • +20% in productivity
  • +20% in profits
  • Lower absenteeism and churn and an incredible 134% higher earnings per share

3. The customer has the power

  • They choose to visit your store.
  • They expect a good experience.
  • They’ll come back if they get it.

4. In retail, chaos IS the norm

  • Stay ahead of what your customers want
  • Identify gaps and training opportunities
  • Empower frontline staff to deliver on your brand promise

5. Give power to your store staff

  • Support them day-to-day, on their terms
  • Give them the right insights at the right time
  • Make it fun for them to train and improve

6. Why bother engaging staff?

Real-life example: a multi-country fashion brand succeeded in improving their NPS by an impressive 168% in less than 3 years!