As you know, your retail growth is reliant on your teams, and if they’re not engaged in their work, they won’t perform well. There are a lot of strategies to implement if you want to increase engagement and unlock their superpowers, but there is another factor in play – it’s the fact that every human is extremely affected by who they surround themselves with. 

The human element in creating engagement 

What does this mean? Well, if you have negative or lazy people among your frontline staff, they will pull others down as well and stop you from reaching your goals.  

But on the other hand, if you have positive, growth-minded people, this will also affect the other team members, but in a good way. 

At Maze, we have helped 100+ retail chains bring out the superpowers in their frontline staff. And we’ve seen that there are 3 key roles that every store team should have to create this positive ripple effect. If you have all of these, you are almost guaranteed success, so make sure to look for these in your next recruitment process. 

1. The Analyst 

The purpose of an Analyst is to look at data, and especially feedback from customers, to decipher patterns and find new ways to succeed. He realises the power in statistics and understands that physical stores can use data just as much as online stores can. 

Having an Analyst will make sure the team keeps learning and growing, and he will support the team in making data-based decisions. Using the data, the team can change their behaviours accordingly and measure its effects, making sure they change for the better. 

2. The Coach 

The Coach looks at the current situation, for both teams and individuals, and discusses possible next steps. He doesn’t tell anyone what to do but provides knowledge and motivation so that your staff can make the best decisions possible and keep improving. 

Every retail chain has people that want to grow but feel like they lack support. With a Coach in your store teams, this won’t happen. Everyone can come to the Coach for that extra bit of guidance, with a clear plan for what to do to improve. 

3. The Motivator 

The purpose of having a Motivator is to create a positive environment through kudos and positive reinforcements. This person makes sure the team morale and wellbeing stay high. He reminds your staff every day to learn from mistakes, and always keep trying and improving. 

Having a motivator sets a positive tone and makes everyone feel more excited about their work. It also increases psychological safety, since the employees have someone to talk to when they’re feeling down. 

How to find these types of people 

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find these types of employees, and especially not for every store in your chain. Store managers can always try to look for these personality traits in the recruitment processes, but getting this whole trio is easier said than done. 

A great, cost-effective, alternative to this is using Maze. The Maze app works as a daily training app for your frontline staff, where they can look at data and feedback, get instructions on how to improve, and motivate each other with kudos and positive reinforcements. It’s basically like having these three roles inside one, single app! 

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