Since starting using Maze, the effects have come quite fast. And the best effects come from the store workers who use the app most frequently.

– I think if we look at the best practices in our stores, we see that if all the employees have access to the Maze and can read the direct feedback from the customers, they are also the ones that have the highest score, says Jon Lyngra.

In this blog post and videos, Operating Manager Jon Lyngra, store manager Raheel Yousaf Khan and frontline store worker Tayyab Tariq share their experiences with Maze.

During the Retail Week Live event in London in april 2023, Jon Lyngra from Power and Andre Pedersen from Bjorklund sat down to talk to Maze sales director Tomas Pinås.

Avoiding technical chit-chat

Power are active in the home electronics market, a segment where the the products are surrounded by deep, technical specs. Something Jon Lyngra and the Power teams try to avoid when meeting their customers.

– One of the things that we have worked on is also the customer language, which is not to talk about specifications and overly technical features. But we try to explain the value the customer gets when they buy a service or product.

In their efforts, Maze has proven to be a useful tool.

– We can measure by Maze, because if you use the customer language, you will probably get a higher score on their feedback.

Raheel Yousaf Khan, store manager, emphasizes the little, ordinary things. He means that these are the efforts that stack up and create an overall better customer experience. Like just focusing on the customer.

– It’s easy to forget during a hectic day. There are many routines. You have to look at products and other things. Focus on the customer is very important, and that is what Maze helps us with.

Store manager Raheel Yousaf Khan and frontline store worker Tayyab Tariq share their experiences with Maze.

Boosting the customer value

Maze helps Power to understand their stores from the eyes of the customers, while at the same
time pinpointing where resources are needed.

– We follow up all the customer comments, and they give us an indication of what we need to improve in the store. And we get it from the customers perspective, so we avoid being in our bubble, believing we are world champions, says Raheel Yousaf Khan.

Tayyab Tariq, frontline worker, agrees.

– It’s easy to see oneself or the colleague over there, but how do the customers see us, our store, displays, do they think it’s inspiring? We might think it’s great, but what do the customers think of it? So it’s wonderful to see it from their perspective.

”Our numbers have improved considerably”

Jon Lyngra, Operating Manager

All of the team effort at Power adds up to increase the customer value.

– We are training the staff for better customer services. By doing that, we are getting to sell more add-on services and more accessories, all these tactics increase the customer value, says Jon Lyngra.

The POWER adventure started in Denmark in 2015. Later they opened stores in Finland, e-commerce in Sweden, and in 2017 POWER came to Norway. Today, POWER is the Nordic region’s new electrical giant with almost 200 stores and 4,400 employees.