Maze made a big difference for Lagerhaus. Besides some small test runs with mystery shoppers, Lagerhaus really hadn’t tried large scale customer feedback systems. So when they decided to start, they chose Maze. Today the AI customer feedback tool is used by Lagerhaus in all of their 40 stores in Sweden.

– Maze is a simple way to get a view of the whole customer experience, and to identify what we need to work on. The app makes it very clear what aspects of the customer journey we need to focus on, says Olivia Olausson.  

”Maze is easy to use, and very specific”

Olivia Olausson, regional manager at Lagerhaus.

One focus area for the whole store chain

Tougher times are in store for the retail industry. Olivia Olausson emphasizes that it’s more important now to truly care for the customers who visit your stores, a method that has worked out well for Lagerhaus.

– Our ambassador grade, the share of loyal customers, is going up. As a brand we chose to work with just one focus area, to greet all our customers, while each store manager chooses their own focus for their particular store. The greatest benefit of Maze is that we get the customer’s view of us. Do they feel that our stores are neat and organized? Do they enjoy our prices?

At the moment it’s the store staff, regional managers and store managers who use Maze. Lagerhaus continuously follows up the results in the Maze app, and uses it to create togetherness and focus among the teams.

– The more people who use Maze, the greater the community. We focus a lot on giving each other kudos, and we’re getting more Lagerhaus employees into the tool. Our store managers are great at giving out kudos to the frontline staff.

The store teams take on greater responsibility

Lagerhaus has raised their ambassador grade, and reached their goal of greeting more customers to increase customer satisfaction. But just like for many other retail brands, the results vary, and the differences between stores can be significant.

– There are some stores at the top, and some who are behind. It’s not that even, and we have stores with challenges. Every week we discuss our current status, and check up on where we are falling behind. The responsibility for each store’s ambassador grade is on the store manager, although I, as the regional manager, support the store managers in their work.

Together with the store managers, Olivia Olausson has opted for less complex and more manageable actions.

– We’ve focused on meeting all our customers in a friendly way. We’ve pushed this in all our internal channels. Look up and meet every customer. We know we’re always busy in all our stores, but there is always time to look up and meet another person. If that part does not work, there is no point in anything else.

About Lagerhaus

Lagerhaus opened their first store in Gothenburg in Sweden 1996. Today there are 44 stores in Sweden and Norway. The main office is in Gothenburg and Lagerhaus is owned by investment firm Goodfellows Ventures and the Yngvesson family.