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This is Retail Week Live 2022

Retail Week Live is a global retail festival that connects, inspires and challenges the retail ecosystem to create efficient and purposeful businesses to succeed in an ever-changing world.

Our speakers are pioneers of their industry, handpicked for their track records in leading change, anticipating new trends and harnessing innovation. They represent a fierce group of leaders who aren’t afraid to take back a measure of control – and provide a sense of hope. But more than that, they will give you the tools to deliver radical change.

As well as world-class content, Retail Week Live also boasts a whole host of unforgettable experiences ranging from wellness and pampering through to live entertainment, all designed to spark connections.

Whoever said a business event had to be boring?
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How ground-breaking customer solutions helped deliver continuous growth and supercharged in-store colleague engagement and brand loyalty

Carina Hummel, General Manager for Audiology at Specsavers

Customers are the lifeblood of the business at Specsavers. Specsavers’ Mission is to change lives through better sight and hearing. Providing the best experience, value, and choice to 41 million customers worldwide, while helping them live a better quality of life too. In this session we’ll outline the ways in which technology enabled them to reimagine the customer experience and get closer to their customers.

  • How to leverage digital to engage employees on a mass scale (multi location and country) using in-store apps
  • How to use advanced analytics and AI to strip away the noise and focus on what matters most to customers
  • How to use technology to engage customers and increase brand loyalty

24 May 2022 | 10:00 – 10:20 | Main Stage

How can technology empower staff to deliver exceptional CX and drive customer loyalty?

Celin Kjenslie, Head of Consumer Insight and Strategy, REMA 1000

REMA 1000 is a £4.1bn retailer with over 660 franchise-operated stores. Since they first opened their doors in 1979, their philosophy has been to create the best customer experience in people’s everyday lives. They believe this so much that, “The customer is our ultimate boss” is carved in stone across various locations.

Questions to consider:
  • How can customer feedback embolden in-store staff to improve CX?
  • The role of modern apps and AI in driving engagement
  • How to drive loyalty through simplicity and personalisation

24 May 2022 | 14:35 – 15:35 | Track Two | Retailer-only roundtables
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We’ll tell you the secrets behind the customer experience success of leading brands such as Specsavers, Co-Op of East England, Rema 1000, Plantagen and many many more.
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Tomas Pinås
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Tomas Pinås
Sales Director

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