Maze invites you to an exclusive event at the Norwegian Embassy in Dublin

The Norwegian Retail Innovation Summit 2023

Tuesday October 24th at 4 pm

The Norwegian Retail Innovation Summit

Maze invites you to an exclusive event at the Norwegian Embassy in Dublin

Tuesday October 24th at 4 pm

Network with, and learn from, the biggest retailers in Norway, while at the same time enjoying buffet and drinks. Get inspired by 4 top CEO:s and learn how they grow sales, reduce staff churn and boost customer satisfaction.


There is a limited number of seats available and they are going fast. Join us at the Norwegian Embassy in Dublin on the 24th of October at 4 pm.


RSVP below. Welcome.

Listen to speakers from these exciting brands

Gina Tricot, established in 1997, offers the latest fashion in 150 stores across Europe, with 97% of its 1,500 employees being women.


Møbelringen, founded in 1985, is Norway’s service-oriented furniture chain with 70 member-owned stores nationwide, staffed by professionals passionate about creating a comfortable home.


Fargerike, Norway’s largest paint retail chain, boasts 98 franchise stores across the country, providing a wide selection of interior products for personalized home atmospheres.


Albert, the biggest grocery chain in the Czech Republic, serves four million customers weekly through 300+ stores, emphasizing quality, employee well-being, and sustainable solutions.


Maze, a groundbreaking retail solution, empowers frontline staff worldwide, doubling and tripling revenues for over 130 retailers across Europe, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand by prioritizing customer-centric behaviors over traditional management structures.

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Dublin - Norwegian Retail Innovation Summit 2023

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