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Maze is helping retail chains all over the world! More and more are realizing the power of building cultures of behaviour change, where engaged frontline staff, repeat customers and positive revenue numbers are the norm.

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Maze is partnering with some of the largest fashion chains in the Nordics and UK, like Reiss, Kappahl and Boys of Europe.


Maze is partnering with over 3,200 grocery stores, like REMA 1000, Netto and Kiwi, to grow their basket size and create repeat customers 


Maze collaborates with several brands in the eye and optical health industry, like Specsavers and Brilleland, to improve customer experiences and conversion rates.  


Maze is spearheading the development of customer interactions through partnerships with over 1400 pharmacies in Scandinavia and the UK. 


Retail chains like Power, Akademibokhandeln and Byggmakker are experiencing happy, returning customers when using Maze. 

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