Knowledge boost improves the customer experience at Marbodal

Swedish kitchen brand Marbodal, part of the Nobia group, has been selling locally made kitchens since 1924. They started using Maze in 2020 to boost knowledge about their customers and for daily training to improve the customer experience.

Teaming up with Maze has increased Marbodals knowledge about what they should prioritize, and at the same time shining a light on some new surprises. For example, buying a kitchen is a big investment. Yet, it might feel uncomfortable for sellers to ask customers what budget they have.

– That type of question can be difficult. You might feel that you’re intruding on the integrity of the customer by asking their budget. But we’ve found that customers who get that type of question are much more satisfied than those who don’t.

”It’s not a monitoring tool device, but rather a tool for daily training, to develop yourself and your store.”

Stefan Cervin, Head of Sales Academies Local Jewel Brands at Nobia

Instant and practical feedback

This knowledge was not available before Maze. With the app, the Marbodal sellers in all 15 stores get instant knowledge about how they can change their behavior in order to better serve the customers.  Thanks to a continuous improvement loop, where new feedback is added daily, store managers and sellers can learn, adapt and improve in a rapid pace. And the staff likes the app.

–  With Maze, the customer can give instant practical feedback to the sales staff. The employees here think it’s very positive. From day one, they’ve said it’s a great tool. It’s something they’ve been waiting for, says store manager Cassandra Berg.

Maze shines a light

As for many other Maze customers, the strength of Maze often shows on the days where service has been an issue, where the so-called “red feedback” (customers who are less than pleased) share their insights. This feedback helps Marbodal to find areas for improvement that were previously unknown.
– We’ve received some less positive feedback .How do we respond to that? We thought we were doing a good job, but there’s room for improvement. And we’ve been able to use Maze to see how we can do this better, says Cassandra Berg.

The mix of changed behavior, increased knowledge and fresh feedback is helping Marbodal towards their goal.

– We want to be the best, and we want to have the most satisfied customers. That is our ultimate goal, says Cassandra Berg.

Listen to Marbodals experience with Maze:

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Founded in 1924, Marbodal has been selling locally made kitchens for over 100 years. They are a part of Nobia, Europe’s leading kitchen specialist.

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