Customer focus gives Kappahl new energy

Since Kappahl began using the Maze app for customer feedback, figures for customer interaction and customer satisfaction have been impressively high.

Elise has been store manager for four years and the Maze app has been used for three and a half years, helping with developing and growing the store. Elise sees a clear before-and-after effect, not only at the cash register but also in staff commitment.

“We were working with customer service before Maze, but its effect is really tangible”, she says. “Previously we scored low on customer experience but changing our work approach using Maze has shunted us way up. We’re now where we should be. Our team is extremely dedicated and really own their jobs.”

“Daily training and customer surveys with the Maze feedback app give us the energy to boost our work”

Elise Myhre Hoen, Store Manager

Kappahl is an international apparel retailer – Affordable Fashion For the Many. The chain was founded in Gothenburg in 1953 by Per Olof Ahl and currently has almost 400 outlets and approximately 4,000 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland.

The Maze app was initially used by store managers but when its potential became obvious all staff were given access to customer feedback. Now, managers and staff check customer feedback throughout the day. The tool has helped Kappahl enhance customer contact and increase the number of satisfied and returning customers.

“We see a clear connection between using Maze and our healthy bottom line”, says Elise. “Both the number of goods and amount spent per customer have increased. Happy customers definitely buy more!”

After a completed purchase, 5 percent of customers – customer club members – are emailed about their experience in the store. Respondents get a NOK 50 discount on their next purchase. Their answers are uploaded to the Maze app. Several parameters can be measured: increased sales, number of customers who have been helped, etc. Since feedback is continuous, learning and training are now daily routine at Kappahl.

“We see a clear connection between using Maze and our healthy bottom line”

Elise Myhre Hoen, Store Manager

“We measure ourselves by many factors”, says Elise.” One advantage is that we get feedback for the ongoing period. On Saturdays, when customer inflow is high, we put special value on questions like: Did you feel welcomed? At the moment, our store is focusing on one issue: Were you asked if you needed help in the change room? Stores can choose their focus according to specific needs.”

She’s convinced that the competitiveness created by the Maze app is positive.

“Everybody here wants to be better – on an individual level but also for the store. The information is shared and stores learn from each other – both when something works really well but also from negative feedback. The event gets discussed and a strategy is formed to avoid similar situations in future.”

Not putting the customer first or carrying passive staff is common in the retail sector, but for Kappahl it’s unacceptable.

“We don’t have time for that. We’re result-oriented. We’re focused on customer contact”, says Elise.

Anna Karin Holch, former VP of customer experience at Kappahl is also impressed.

“Using the Maze app, we particularly study the first contact with a customer and how well we perform there. Then we look at loyal customers – we call them our ambassadors. Like someone who meets a friend at a café and says:
I’ve just been to Kappahl. Wow!”

“That’s the level we want to reach and that’s what we’re focusing on.”

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Kappahl is an international apparel retailer with the tagline “Affordable Fashion For the Many”. The chain was founded in Gothenburg in 1953 and currently has almost 400 outlets and approximately 4000 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland.

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