After one month of training Gina Tricot’s customer loyalty is on the rise

Anna Jyrkinen has worked in Gina Tricot’s store in Bogstadveien since 2012, and for the past four years she has been the store manager. They’ve been working on improving the customer meetings all the time, but now they use Maze as a tool for customer feedback.

– Before, it was more up to the store managers how to work in their individual store. We had our key figures that we worked towards. Now feedback from customers has become much more concrete, she explains.

Selects three focus areas

In the Maze app, all stores can point out three focus areas. The store in Bogstadveien has selected the following three:

1. Was the customer greeted with “hello”

2. How tidy it is in the store and rehearsal room.

3. How the trade ends at the checkout 

Although some of the store employees at first were a bit nervous about Maze, The tool was
received constructively. 

– We see the value. Maze will give us a boost, says the store manager. The goal is to find out how to get better as a team, not to point out individuals.

All types of feedback

– It is very useful to see how customers experience their visit to the store, because it is not always as we think. We can now see clearer what customers perceive as important, says Jyrkinen.

Customers who are part of the customer club Spotlight will be sent questions about how they experienced their visit to the store after checkout. The feedback can be negative: “It was not very clean and tidy in the rehearsal room.” “I didnt find the right size.”

But fortunately, most customer feedback is positive.

Ambassador KPI on the rise

Jyrkinen can already state that the level of Ambassador Customers (Loyal, returning customers who talk well about the brand) is on a rise for the store in Bogstadveien. The same goes for the chain in general.

Gina Tricot at Amfi Madla in Stavanger has used Maze for customer communication since September. 

– It was like flipping a switch, says Store Manager, Hege Hollund.

– It has been a very nice development for our store. We worked in the store for over eight years. With all this routine, it was easy to end up on autopilot. But when we started with Maze, it was like flipping a switch. We got a new energy,

– We get feedback on what we can improve. And in addition to following our development, we can measure ourselves against other stores, says the store manager.

They compete against the stores in the same area – Sandnes, Stavanger and Haugesund.

– They are inside the app, so it is easy to compare and find out who is the best. 

Positive employees

Communication between customers and employees has become closer, and employees are more involved in the feedback.

– The employees are very positive about Maze. Now we have the tool to help us be the best for our customers, so that they choose to come back. Hege Hollund concludes.