Last spring, Plantagen began working with the Maze training app for its store staff.

“We now update customer data daily, and we can see how customers experience their treatment in-store every day and what we can improve. It has become an important part of staff development and our growth,” says Jørgen Haukaas, Operations Manager at Plantagen.

With Maze, Plantagen gets feedback from customers immediately after they make a purchase, and the staff can see how the customers experienced their visit and what they thought could be improved. They now get the opportunity to work from real, updated customer insights. Through the app, they have also been able to set several variables that they can constantly work on improving!

We often use Maze at our morning meetings

“We often use Maze at our morning meetings,” Jørgen continues. “10-15 minutes before the store open every day, we go through customer feedback from the day before and how we can make the experience a little better today.”

Unlike a traditional sales course, improvements are constantly taking place in real-time and with insights taken from the actual situation in the store and its everyday life.

For Plantagen, Maze means an opportunity to develop customer service at a local, regional and national level. The entire Plantagen family, with nearly 140 stores in Norway, Sweden and Finland, work continuously with Maze. All customers who are members of their loyalty program have a questionnaire sent to them after their purchase. Customer participation is very high. Many want to take part in the survey, and the answers are many and varied.

The results are also shared between stores so that everyone can benefit from knowing what works well and what doesn’t, motivating the staff and highlighting customer service role models.

“It’s not about labelling different stores as good or less good,” says Jørgen. “It’s about creating better conditions for each store and employee to feel motivated to develop as much as possible, and create more satisfied, loyal customers that in the long run will become the nourishment needed for Plantagen’s growth!” he continues.