Guest blog post by our partner Voyado

Can a bad experience on one occasion mean that you lose a customer forever? Well, yes! Today, competition in retail is fierce. It is the easiest thing in the world for a customer to go to a competitor if they aren’t satisfied. In this blog, we’ll set out some of our hottest tips on creating the best customer experience possible.

A visit to your store creates an opportunity to communicate directly with your customers—a chance to build a relationship and make them want to return. The three basic steps in serving a customer are the welcome when the customer comes into your shop, how you meet the customer’s challenge or needs, and how you read your customer and build a long-term relationship with them.

Examples of areas that make up the customer experience:

● Customer treatment in store

● The relevance of your communication and understanding of the customer

● How to show appreciation and affirm your customers

● A positive end to their visit

If you fail to offer the customer a positive and relevant experience, they can leave your brand to find a better experience with a competitor or elsewhere online.

Don’t forget to follow up!

It would help if you found ways to follow up on what your customers think about their experience. Guessing doesn’t work in the long-term! You need to objectively locate what you can improve and what you are already doing well. It works amazingly even in a physical store. Maze collects feedback from your customers on their experience in real-time through a digital survey.

Maze and Voyado create a seamless customer experience

When you work together with Maze and our partner Voyado, each purchase is registered in the Voyado platform. Maze gathers the data and sends out a survey to the customer about their shopping experience. The store staff can get the feedback the next day. 

The team gets a real boost if it’s positive and constructive criticism about what they can do better. In this way, they see what they can develop and layout a strategy for changing so that each customer has an amazing experience!

Follow-up with the help of marketing automation

With our partner Voyado, you also get access to marketing automation. With it, you can create flows with different triggers – for example; a customer can receive a text or email with an offer on their birthday or a welcome when they become members.

Some other examples:

● Save a bad situation – A customer who has given bad feedback can receive a text or an email with a special deal. 

● Customers who give feedback can be rewarded – Set up an automatic reward for customers who provide feedback! Perhaps an offer they can use in-store as thank you for the help?

● Give extra points or a bonus to your most satisfied customers – Let your most satisfied customers know that you appreciate them! Reward them with something that will make them even happier!

In summary

An outstanding customer experience will benefit your business in the long and the short term! Set up strategies to work better and be more customer-focused in store. Follow-up and take in the feedback given to you. Work constantly on how your brand can offer the best customer experience possible!