Interview: How to unlock the superpowers of your store teams

Every retailer wants loyal customers, and everyone understands that they need to engage and educate their frontline staff in order to succeed. But how? How can you turn every employee and part time worker into a superstar and unlock their underlying superpowers?

Maximize your retail revenue: The connection between employee engagement and profit

2023 has been a rough year for retailers. Inflation has caused sales to drop as people are keeping their wallets close to their chest. The question is: How can retailers attract repeat customers and create a culture that empowers the frontline staff to keep improving their skills? You’ll find the answer by looking at employee engagement.

Driving continuous improvement

On Tuesday, 24 October, ShelfLife was delighted to be invited by ambassador Mari Skåre to ‘The Norwegian Retail Innovation Summit’, an exciting new event held at the Norwegian residence in Dublin 4. Organised in conjunction with Maze, it promised an evening of networking, learning, and collaboration with some of Norway’s most influential retail leaders.

Motivated store teams boost your revenue

Customer happiness is more important than ever. But sadly, customers are not as happy as they used to be. So, retailers need to do more than just satisfy customers; they need to impress them.

Retail success starts with empowered staff

“Put the customer at the centre of your business”, they say. At Maze, we believe success starts with your employees. Without them there can be no customer satisfaction or retail growth.

Revenue growth fuelled by motivation

The post-pandemic customer has far higher demands for the customer experience. We argue that the best way to meet those expectations is to give more power to the frontline staff, the one true link between your brand and your customers.