The hidden ROI of customer experiences

ROI – The holy grail of growing your retail store. Making sure you invest in people, strategies and tools that provides a return on investment is essential. But some activities produce more data than others and oftentimes, companies tend to only prioritize what can be easily measured, like the NPS. And that is probably why the majority of retailers are missing out on the hidden ROI of customer experiences.

Maximize your retail revenue: The connection between employee engagement and profit

2023 has been a rough year for retailers. Inflation has caused sales to drop as people are keeping their wallets close to their chest. The question is: How can retailers attract repeat customers and create a culture that empowers the frontline staff to keep improving their skills? You’ll find the answer by looking at employee engagement.

Increase customer loyalty from the bottom up

Most retail brands tend to view things from the wrong point of view. They insist on pushing cultural changes from the top down, which more often than not result in internal jokes about the higher ups, or a few workshops where culture is being discussed (and soon forgotten).

How Maze is helping Specsavers see, hear – and smile

In the last two years, retail has evolved at warp speed. As brands and consumers alike adapted to the unprecedented conditions of the pandemic, widespread digital behaviours took root. But digital transformation isn’t just for e-commerce brands and online shoppers. It is also changing the in-store experience for both customers and staff.