6 steps to a successful retail culture

The most impactful part of your success and revenue as a retailer is your company culture. This is what all other positive effects come from. Yet, this is something many companies don’t talk about very often. Let’s look at why this should be a top priority, and how you can build a winning culture.

Driving continuous improvement

On Tuesday, 24 October, ShelfLife was delighted to be invited by ambassador Mari Skåre to ‘The Norwegian Retail Innovation Summit’, an exciting new event held at the Norwegian residence in Dublin 4. Organised in conjunction with Maze, it promised an evening of networking, learning, and collaboration with some of Norway’s most influential retail leaders.

”The more people who use Maze, the greater the community”

After one and a half years working with Maze, Swedish retail brand Lagerhaus has gained great improvements in customer engagement. As there was never enough time to make each customer interaction personal, Lagerhaus instead opted for smaller changes that had great effects over time.

Increase customer loyalty from the bottom up

Most retail brands tend to view things from the wrong point of view. They insist on pushing cultural changes from the top down, which more often than not result in internal jokes about the higher ups, or a few workshops where culture is being discussed (and soon forgotten).