Focus on efficiency and quality produced increased customer loyalty

Just ten months after adopting Maze, SpareBank1 achieved a major increase in sales across a broader range of products and increased customer loyalty too.

Why SpareBank1 called in Maze


Morten Tidemann had several years of successful experience with the Maze way in the real estate business – and he saw an ideal opportunity to introduce it to the financial sector.
”I realised that Maze’s system, method and contents could work well with a bank. We confidently decided to adopt Maze as a supplier, and adapted the system to our specific needs.”
SpareBank1 had previously focussed on its loan business, but Maze allowed it to move towards providing a wider range of products.
“The ability to offer a wider range of products at the bank means we can increase sales and simultaneously gain more satisfied customers.”

Gaining loyal customers


After introducing Maze, Tidemann’s team were more focused on efficiency and quality.

”Our excellent customer feedback through Maze allows us to focus on how the customer perceives us. Analysing their needs is important in achieving our goals and allows us to grow and improve in the future.”

Tidemann has found that his customers are now more loyal.
”When meeting or contacting customers, we have refined the process and developed the best course of action in terms of what to say and do. We monitor its implementation on an ongoing basis, allowing us to tailor our services to the needs of our customers. This has led to greater customer loyalty.”

High impact in terms of people and results


Bank managers from all of SpareBank1’s branches are extremely enthusiastic about the success of Maze in Northern Norway.

”We have received unanimously positive feedback on Maze’s ease of use, and its results. It’s fitted in well with the way we work, the processes are running smoothly and we’re well on our way to achieving our targets.”

Tidemann says that cross-sales have clearly and demonstrably improved month by month, and are set to continue to do so.
“I have a gut feeling that Maze will become an established standard in many banks. It’s the thought behind the system, its philosophy, and above all its functionality which make Maze an invaluable business tool.”

Change is the key


“Changing behaviour is the key challenge in all industries. Maze facilitates this It’s about the philosophy, about what lies behind it, what it produces, and most importantly, the ability to use the system properly. There’s no difference between using Maze in a bank or any other industry.”
Tidemann is extremely pleased with the constant and rapid updates Maze can provide.
“Maze gives us the temperature of our local banks. It diagnoses what our customers think of us, our new sales, and tells us how well we follow-up and care for our customers.”

Easy to set up – easy to use

“Barely two months after we decided to use Maze, the system was up and running. This is unprecedented; it tends to take years before systems begin to operate smoothly. It’s so easy to make changes and update the system.”

“It’s incredibly easy to work with and its modular design makes it easy to adapt to individual customer requirements.’ says Tidemann. ‘I can’t recommend Maze highly enough.”
“When I think about our time with Maze, I am impressed. The philosophy behind the approach and the easy use of the system makes it an extremely effective and invaluable tool”.
– Morten Tidemann
Executive General Manager, SpareBank1

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