With Maze, we suddenly see our working day from the customers perspective

Maze throughout the store chain

Direct feedback puts focus on every customer meeting

The MAZE app has given employees in the 123 stores in electronics retailer Power, a simple and clear tool to improve their customer interactions and identify areas to focus on. Direct feedback means that sales staff can look back at individual interactions, in order to work out what they can influence, which makes it clear what they need to improve in their particular store.
Fast implementation


The electronics industry is different because there is a huge need for knowledge. It’s easy that the colleague places all the focus on the product and perhaps less so on the actual interaction with the customer.

“If a customer has provided a really poor score, this can be raised at the morning meeting. We feel that our sales people really want to improve, which is fantastic to see as a store manager. It should also be taken into account that customers provide very positive feedback, which of course inspires sales staff to think about how they behave in store in general and during customer interactions in particular”, says Raheel Yousaf Kahn, Store manager Power.

Jon Lyngra, Operating Manager Power

We didn’t spend any longer than 18 hours when implementing Maze for Power, which is proof that it’s easy to get up and running with the system.
Direct follow-up yields quick results


Store manager Raheel Yousaf Kahn has seen a change in attitude among his employees, and several feel that this has led to a positive competitive attitude.

“Our working day includes quickly following up customer comments, as these give us a direct indication of what needs to be improved in store. The feedback is always fresh, so it doesn’t matter if a customer was more than satisfied last week, if they leave disappointed after their next visit.

We talk a lot about Maze internally. In the staff room we have a screen with customer feedback and it is easy for all employees to share in each other’s experiences. We can follow up on interactions with individual customers and look back at that particular interaction to see what could have been done differently and what delighted the customer.

If a customer thinks that one of the staff could have offered a smile, it says something about how we treated that customer. It can also apply to practical things such as items being difficult to find, which is easy to miss if you see the store from your own perspective. At the end of the day, it’s about making it easier for the customer to shop,” Raheel adds.

Reduce variation between stores
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