Tapping into the tacit knowledge of top performing employees

Maze is changing the behaviour of our customer facing people, giving us insight far earlier in the process.

Why Peter Alan called in Maze

Maze has been used across the board within Peter Alan. The scope of the use covers the market appraisal (valuations) and sales process, but also includes the complex lettings business and the regulated financial advisers.
Andrew Barry, Managing Director of Peter Alan, said: “A key part of my role as MD is always to find that additional 10 percent improvement across the business. We are always looking at ways to improve our service to ensure our customers are getting what they need from us. As the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) changes came into effect in April 2014, it was a perfect opportunity to expand the use of Maze. Our mortgage advisers are already using Maze to gain insight into how to drive the best customer outcomes to ensure that our customers are getting the service that they want.”

Focus on cause to drive the right outcomes

Andrew wanted to increase the conversion rate for new business but first of all he needed to really understand the detailed customer engagement process to uncover the drivers of variation in the conversion metric.
To take just one example of how detailed the process of understanding became:
He said;
“Maze has enabled us to discover the tension in relation to our fee charges versus those of our competitors and we’re able to compare what is actually happening in reality. We’re able to tap into the tacit knowledge of our top performing employees and through Maze share this best practice across the business”


Feedback means fine-tuning

Maze is providing fact-based, unfiltered feedback from its customers to Peter Alan’s people enabling them to fine-tune their approach to serving customers on a daily basis. It provides a framework for staff to stop, think, analyse and take action.
“We have built and refined our strategy, but the speed of feedback Maze provides enables us to react quickly. We can focus on the right things and what customers really want versus what we think they want”.

Creating a culture of improvement

Maze is helping Peter Alan to tackle variation in key customer interactions.
“The psychological principles that underpin the Maze approach make it a great performance management tool – it’s brilliant”, Andrew added.
Maze provides an environment where healthy social peer pressure supports staff in making changes and learning from each other. A key component for success is a supportive culture that fosters continuous improvement and learning.
Andrew added:
“Maze is a great customer insight tool but also a behavioural-change tool. Maze is helping our customer-facing people gain insight into what our customers really want far earlier in the process, so that we have a chance to fix it and deliver great customer outcomes”.

Reduce variation between stores
and increase customer satisfaction

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