Akademibokhandeln’s mission is to provide Daily Reading Pleasure for Everyone. And with daily follow-up on customer comments in the Maze App, they have turned customer satisfaction into a success story.

In the following blog post and video, Anja Åhlén (operating officer) and Maria Andersson (store manager) share their experiences with Maze. The blog posts covers:

  • How Akademibokhandeln approaches customer contact
  • The 3 focus areas they use to improve customer experience
  • The area that has been their biggest challenge so far
  • How they increased their ambassador grade by 17%

Easy to compare stores and learn

– Generally speaking, we work more pro-actively than before with in-store sales. And always with focus on the customer’s needs, not ours, says Anja Åhlén, operative manager at Akademibokhandeln.

– Using Maze it’s easy to compare stores and learn from each other, wherever we are in the country,” she explains.

Akademibokhandeln, founded in the 1970s, is Sweden’s market-leading book store chain. With more than 100 outlets throughout the country Akademibokhandeln stocks a wide selection of books, stationery and paper products. The outlets concentrate on different focus areas depending on local conditions and needs.

Delivered fantastic results

– My motto is Exceed Customer Expectations. And that’s how we approach customer contact, says Maria Andersson, store manager at Akademibokhandeln’s central outlet in Uppsala.

– Every customer who leaves a comment in the Maze app deserves a medal because we learn so much from them, whether it’s positive or negative. That guides what we do!

The Uppsala outlet has three focus areas: Did the customer get help within a reasonable time? Was the customer given suggestions for other products? Did the customer get positive contact at checkout?

– We pick areas to focus on for specific periods, says Maria.

It’s a working method that has delivered fantastic results.

– It’s a working method that has delivered fantastic results. Recently we focused on whether the customer was getting help within reasonable time, and BAM! – our Ambassador rating climbed 17 percent. This week, focus has been on ‘Hi! What can I help you with?’ And that gave us a 100% Ambassador rating.

– The toughest focus area is Tips and Deals,” she says.

– It’s still a bit awkward pushing extra sales. But we’re working on it. We all have work to do on our improvement potential. But we don’t all have to be the same since customers aren’t all the same either!

Acting on feedback everyday

When the Maze app was introduced the staff was wary, but Maria says it has brought a feeling of unity.

– Customer care means everything to Akademibokhandeln. We’re providing daily reading pleasure for everyone. Without customers, we’re nothing. And a friendly welcome is vital to get people into the store. If you’re good at that, a bricks-and-mortar store can compete with online sales. Businesses with the best staff are the ones who stay in the market.

Received feedback is in the app but also on the wall in the staff room. It is discussed and acted on daily.

– The first thing I do in the morning is to fire up the computer, says Maria. And the first thing I check is Maze. Let the day begin!