– We are not the biggest, but in Norway we are for sure the best! says Morten Borgersen, the main owner and daily leader of the Norwegian retail sports chain “Anton Sport”. 

– The customer service we deliver is our secret factor of success and since 2012 Anton Sport has worked with the Maze Feedback App to put a focus on the customer meetings and develop the staff in that field.

With daily education and customer communication through the Maze Feedback App Anton Sport has managed to grow year after year in a business where the last years have been quite difficult for many companies. In 2020 Anton Sport again had a new turn over record of 900 million NOK.

– Our number of ambassadors that are willing to recommend us to friends has grown from 60 percent to 85 percent in the last few years, Morten Borgersen says. We are happy about that, but we now want to reach 90 percent next year!

Anton Sport gets around 30 000 customer feedbacks in a year through the Maze Feedback App and Morten Borgersen reads every one of them! He underlines the importance of everyone in the organization taking part of the feedback from the App.

– In Anton Sport we are very diligent users of the App, he says. 

– People go there to look out of interest, even if they are not working that day! We make daily decisions based on the learnings we get from the Maze Feedback App and people get really sad when there occasionally is negative reaction.

Morten Borgersen underlines that the Maze Feedback App never is used to ‘get somebody hanged’ or criticize anybody.

– We are like a big family, he says, and all of us want to be winners! 

– Of course it is not a nice thing to have the lowest ambassador score in the shop, but the goal is always to develop. We try to find out ‘where the shoe hurts’ and together work out what can be done about it.

Anton Sport has around 400 employees and 16 shops all around capital Oslo. 

– We are in the process of growing, but our aim is not be the biggest in the world, Morten Borgersen says. 

– But we want to be the best and the roughest also in the rest of Europe!

Seamless connection between physical shops and internet, combined with customer service, loyal customers and a customer club are the keys to success and Morten Borgersen is not afraid of the growing competition from internet.

– Our customers appreciate high quality, good service and news, he says. We are selling expensive quality products that people want to try before they buy. When we in addition to that give outstanding customer service, we hold our internet competitors back.