Before using the Maze app for customer feedback, Møbelringen relied on gut feeling to see how satisfied their customers were.

– Now we see precisely how the customers experience their visit to the store, says Line Irene Erichsen, who runs two Møbelringen stores in Norway.

Maze is also a good management tool for her as a Store Manager. Among other things, she can compare stores.

– I see what my two stores are good at and what separates them, she explains.

The two stores can also be compared with other Møbelringen stores in the region.

– There is an ongoing competition. for a while our store in Horten had a lower ambassador customer ranking than the one in Holmestrand, but it has risen. I appreciate seeing how our two stores are located in the region, says Erichsen.

Møbelringen Holmestrand receives between 10 to 20 feedbacks a week, and they are working hard to increase the number over time. They’ve had up to 100% ambassadour ranking. Usually, it is around 90, but It has never been lower than 85.

Reads feedback carefully …

Britt Lise Lillelien-Løwer is employed at the store in Holmestrand, she says that they were a bit nervous when they were going to start using Maze. But it passed quickly when they got started. Colleague Jannicke Sperrud adds that, now everyone thinks customer feedback is useful and that most sellers want to know what they can do better.

– We like to discuss the feedback. It is primarily the yellow and red feedback that is most useful, even if there are not so many of them. 

As a store manager, Erichsen can see when her employees use the app. 

And now, our sellers even check feedback on the weekends, she says with a smile.

In the picture: Jannicke Sperrud (Salesman), Line Irene Erichsen (Store Manager) and Britt Lise Lillelien-Løwer (Salesman)